Piece of History Added to Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Museum

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ASHLAND -- A piece of our area's mining heritage is now on display at a museum in Schuylkill County.

A 35-foot headframe from a coal mine was unveiled Monday morning at the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Museum in Ashland.

The museum received state money last year to refurbish the headframe from the entrance of an old mine that closed in 1931 in our area.

"It came from north of Mahanoy City in Bohmanspatch, put up we think in 1866. We think it's probably over 100 years old," said Ed Wytovich, who is on the museum board of directors.

Museum board members hope this addition will draw more people to the museum in Schuylkill County.


  • Ralphy

    This is awesome! Pioneer Tunnel is a great tribute to our local coal mining history. It reminds us of times when everyone worked hard and contributed to society, very unlike today. I think it’s okay to dwell on the past because the future does not look good.

    • ayceshendoshrimp

      100 years from now they will tear that down and put up a monument for the working white men who lived in poverty so the scumbags and drug addicts were able to live for free!


    The coal region twin cities of Ashland and Girardville are a blighted out drug infested mess in mid 2017 and they are worrying about 1931!

  • Pumper

    PA has no state budget for the past 4 years but the state is giving money for this type of stuff? Gotta stop the wasting on bail outs and charity. State grants are too often sent for frivilous stuff.

  • Black Lung

    I am offended that any part of mining or rail history is preserved. Many immigrants died to mine coal and construct the rails that transported the fuel across the state and the nation. It is racist.

    • Mark

      I’m offended that you are offended. You seem to be the one who thinks that forgetting the past, advancement from it, and being able to see and experience, in some way, what MY grandfather, as well as others have done to care for their families. I know you are a Troll, but you are a POS troll.

      • Black Lung

        Does this viewpoint include remembering ALL of the past, and even the ugliest aspects? I’m a POS troll. Onward and upward.

      • El Ma

        My comments were 100% facetious. I believe that every bit of history should be preserved, taught, and remembered including the unpleasant and unthinkable. The men that descended down into coal mines were tough as nails and I truly do find this aspect of PA history to be fascinating. I’m sure that somewhere, someone will find the history of coal mining to be offensive.


    They love history in this area. But how bout the present? I think people are forget about the present and future.

    • Mark

      All history is good history. Regardless of what has happened in the past, “remembering” only the good sets up a repeat of the bad, as you have no idea of what may come of a kind of event, or how to stop it when bad happens.
      “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

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