Man Accused of Trying to Sell Pills to Boy in Girardville

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GIRARDVILLE -- A man is locked up in Schuylkill County, accused of trying to sell prescription drugs to a minor.

Police say Michael Grady, 65, of Girardville tried to sell prescription pills to a boy on West Ogden Street on Sunday.

A neighbor saw the exchange and told Grady to leave. That's when police say Grady saw the neighbor's young children and asked to buy one of them.

Investigators said Grady was drunk and high on narcotics at the time.

Grady faces charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, corruption of minors, and public drunkenness.


  • Theresa

    A neighbor saw the exchange and told Grady to leave. That’s when police say Grady saw the neighbor’s young children and asked to buy one of them. (I think you need to rephrase that sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • i quit..


  • tiny turtle

    In addition to this mess that the story has already told us, I’ll bet that the prescription pills were purchased by “US’-the hard-working taxpayers. Just judging by the looks of this guy…I’d wager that he’s not on anybody’s payroll but “ours”. They should charge him with some sort of fraud and take his benefits away. If he is feeling well enough to be able to sell some of his pills…he shouldn’t have them, period.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      I am sure you’re correct. He was probably diagnosed with one of the many magic diseases “conditions” that have given excuses to so many people who cannot simply deal with life! Medicate and convince them they are disabled and away we go…another addict who is not responsible for their actions! Everybody’ fault but theirs!

  • Conroy

    Genius right here. When your caught in a drug deal you’re supposed to run away, not ask the man who caught you how much it would cost to buy his daughter. It’s so unreal it’s funny.

  • commonsense

    The North Schuylkill school district is a total mess. The towns are falling apart. But taxes for schools and local municipalities are on the rise. Why anyone settles down here must have no deductive reasoning skills. It is just going to get worse when the baby-boomer generation passes on. The outmigration rate of the educated is too high vs the inmigration of uneducated criminals.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Well you cant argue that the area has gone to zhit! Illegal immigration and the prisons sure helped. I grew up here and have one of the few remaining descent jobs left in the county (except for said prison and of course the teachers) I have a nice piece of property to call my own. But the way the area has declined, I feel like putting a barbed wire fence around it with a gun tower!

      • stev

        I agree man. Its a shame. When I visit i wanna throw up. The roads in the towns haven’t been paved in years it seems. People’s properties with rusting fences and row homes abandoned. Garbage strewn all over the place. Downtown’s pretty much abandoned. Teachers and prisons keeping the place afloat. Then throw in the corruption, illegals and drug problem. It has to be tough living there even with a good income anymore.

  • Ralphy

    Saw a story on here yesterday about all the community pools closing for the summer. Does anyone know when the “A-Hole” in Girardville closes for swimming this year?

  • lookback

    Notice the Trumpistas have to always veer away from the news at hand with childlike diversionary statements about non related issues. They are so concerned about property being damaged in Virginia but a girl being killed by a Nazi doesn’t even register with them. Yes these vile un-American groups occasionally rise but then are appropriately stomped out and forgotten by history just like the Trumpistas. They learned their hatred somewhere, perhaps from their mom and dad or simply from watching too much of the sexual abuser channel Fox news. But some sympathy for them as they are victims of brainwashing and propaganda, unfortunately they lack the grey matter necessary to know they are are being played.

    • Trumpland sucks

      You nailed it with informed, cogent commentary — thanks. You can bet the trumpistas will only have insults like “libtard” etc as they have no reasoned arguments to make. sad.

      • mopar driver

        Stupid people die everyday , This “great” girl was there to support scum , her work eulogized as helping people to not pay their bills and keep possession of property ( cars , housing , etc) I have no pity for her . Both sides in this are utterly stupid people

  • suppressing freedom of speech

    They don’t allow comments on the NC story of liberals destroying public property.

    • Trumpland sucks

      I’ll take one from the deplorables’ playbook: hey we won that war bigly : get over it — go cry in your safe room snowflake!

    • mopar driver

      Funny I see the southern memorials as the defeat of slavery , Just as our defeat of Nazis was too, Yet nut jobs who claim free speech are in fact major thugs and just lowlifes not fit to give an opinion , Why aren’t they at jobs?

  • a state of confusion

    Schuylkill county holds the number one position everyday in the news for nepa’s most disfunctional county. At the same time, it’s a much needed break for Monroe, Lackawanna and Luzerne counties.

  • Paulruebens

    What a beautiful area!!pedo sex roamers, blight and drugs. Does anyone know where I can get a relocation package?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Where’s the comment section regarding the law breaking unruly mob in North Carolina destroying public property?

  • not a step

    Anybody in sales knows first impressions are important. He must be a really smooth talker to offset other facets of his presentation.

  • mickmars

    Life in the Skook. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a reality show made about that asspit yet. Or maybe a country song. I’m thinking “3 teeth and a bottle of T-Bird”.

      • iseelosers

        You’re so stupid. We’ve been reading crap about garbage from many states long before Trump got in there. Get a clue! Oh wait, youra nepa knuckle-draggah no clue to be had.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Hey, I am from the skook and have a job…and my teeth. But I have a trivia question: which line in Shenandoah is longer? The free cheese line or the line into the magistrates office on arraignment day? Neither…they take turns going through both lines! They should just give out free food at the Magistrate to save time.

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