Animals Taken on Wild Ride now Up for Adoption

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COOPER TOWNSHIP -- Back in June, two men in central Pennsylvania were taken into custody after leading police on a chase while driving a livestock truck full of goats and sheep.

Now two months later, the 27 animals are up for adoption.

Those goats and sheep went through a lot when they were driven 34 miles through Northumberland County at high speeds. Authorities say they were on their way to the slaughterhouse but instead found themselves at the Pennsylvania SPCA near Danville.

The animals had a wild ride after their owner and another man were chased by police for about 34 miles at high speeds through lower Northumberland County.

Four of the animals died. The remaining 27 were brought to the shelter near Danville.

Shelter manager Carlee Fiddes says the animals were in bad shape.

"They've been treated for external parasites, internal parasites, they've been treated for some upper respiratory infections," Fiddes explained.

Fiddes says the animals were in shock. She gave all 27 of them medicine for more than a month and it paid off.

"They're getting around, they're eating well, they're playing well, they're causing plenty of havoc just like goats tend to do and they're just doing really well."

According to the SPCA, the animals were on the way to the slaughterhouse before the crash. Now they get a second chance at life.

The owners surrendered them to the SPCA because of the high medical expenses.

Now they are up for adoption. All six sheep and nine of the goats are at the center in Montour County. The rest are at the main facility in Philadelphia.

People are already coming to look at them including Pam Wysocki.

"We were looking to expand a couple more goats, and that's when I stopped and saw the goats and thought we'd see what they were like," Wysocki said.

Fiddes hopes to find these goats and sheep good homes because they've lived stressful lives.

"It's unfortunate that that's the way things had to go down to give them that second lease on life, but I'm sure they're pretty thankful for it now that things have recovered," said Fiddes.

Both of the suspects for that crash are still in jail waiting for their court hearings. If you are interested in adopting any of the animals, you are asked to contact the Pennsylvania SPCA Center near Danville.

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