Peace Rallies Held in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre in Wake of Violence in Charlottesville

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SCRANTON -- The violence in Virginia on Saturday has led to numerous peace rallies throughout the nation, including one on Courthouse Square in Scranton.

Nearly 200 people came together Sunday night to stand against hatred and condemn the actions of the white supremacist groups as well as anyone who commits acts of violence that amount to domestic terrorism.

"​We have people here tonight standing up against hatred. We can't live in a country where it's acceptable for people to be beaten in parking garages because they're black or to have domestic terrorism laughed off like it's the moral equivalency that one side's as bad as the other," said Ro Hume of Scranton.

Dozens turned out for a similar rally on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre as well.

Earlier in the day, people in Union County also held a rally for peace in downtown Lewisburg.


  • Victor Cortes

    The hatred and bigotry promoted and spread by racists such as the KKK and neonazis is frightening. The events in Charlottesville this weekend should waken every citiezen’s eyes to the ever-present deep seated racism that still exists in this country. My hope is that NEPA can reject this posinous rhetoric and unify against all forms oppresion, be it racism, homophobia, or religious intolerance.

    • El Ma

      Victor Cortes, do you understand that your response is what these groups are aiming for? Fear? Bigotry, prejudice, racism, or us-vs-them mentality is nothing new. Read back over ancient history and the citizens of Ur had the same issues – same as every nation in history. Look at what happened in Tibet. In Laos. In Korea. The Baltic states.

      (bold, italic, underlined) This is nothing new. But, what COULD be new is for people to just put down their Starbugz lattes, shut off their cell phones, and say, “Y’know, we’re all going to be whom and what we are, and nobody has any control over that,” and go about our lives in a contented, focused manner.

      These extremist groups – BOTH ends of the spectrum – incite fear which leads to hatred. Both sides. If you don’t think that the speech from the liberal extremists are just as hate-based as the idiot neo-Nazis’, then you are not separating your emotions from the facts.

    • Writer Girl

      My hope is that hateful leftists shut up and stop being violent, like in Charlottsville and tearing down statues in NC. I am sick of the left diving this country, over slavery that ended in the 1800’s. Useless idiots should go live somewhere else.

  • Buford T Justice

    I am so sick and tired of the leftist derelicts protesting everything. They aren’t happy unless they are fighting about something, especially if it pertains to white people or history. You can be proud to be black, Hispanic, muslim, or any other thing in this country…but as soon as you’re a proud white person, you’re a racist, bigot hillbilly. My family is of white, German descent and I’m proud of that…I will continue to be until I die. If you’re not seeing the bigger picture to these peoples actions and what is going on in this country, I feel bad for you. Also, all the news has been flooded with this Charlottesville stuff to keep you occupied and busy so you’re not even realizing we are on the brink of World War III.

    • Writer Girl

      Well said, Buford. I don’t think it’s a distraction though, not to anyone with a brain. Leftists run on batteries.

    • El Ma

      So Over It, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Sadly, human beings are hard-wired to not necessarily “hate,” per se, but to divide into groups as a means of survival and preservation. This has been an issue since mankind has scrawled images of mammoths on the insides of caves.

      What our First Amendment guarantees us is the Right to disagree, vociferously if necessary, and that even the most outrageous beliefs or opinions may be safely expressed without being muffled. This is what is now at stake – not the banishment of “hatred,” but the ability for anyone to speak, freely.

      A Utopian world can never exist simply because human beings are human beings. We are each flawed, vulnerable, and are the sum total of our experiences and education. No two people are the same, and to expect this to be altered is simply a waste of energy. Polyanna was a fictional character that was able to change even the meanest person in town with her positive energy. She doesn’t really exist.

  • El Ma

    My son’s rant of 4 minutes ago sums it all up:
    “Who is that “anti-hate” rally against? People that hate broccoli? People that hate hangnails? People that hate bugs spattered on their windshields? People that hate “Emoji,” the movie? People that hate sinus infections? They’re feel-good, libf*ck retards that’ll start a protest if somebody farts in the wrong direction. Where were these people when that poor kid was bound, tortured, and scalped by those black kids? Why are there no rallies about THAT?”

    He’s gone to find the ibuprophen.

  • Writer Girl

    I guess we all knew these boring rallies would start and not change the heart of one hater. While you’re at it, why not address the hatred of the counter-protesters and left. They are the ones who gathered together a mob, began hitting people, used fire and pepper spray. I don’t like these extremist groups, like the KKK, as they are mostly made up of idiots, but they had a Constitutional right to assemble, which was denied them by a bunch of stupid do-gooders. That is scarier than anything that happened in Charlottsville and will be the norm in the coming decades. Wise up, Americans!
    And yes, IMO, they are partially responsible for that woman’s death! This mayhem could have been avoided if the counter-protesters had been silent or not shown up at all. The idiots gave the opposition the outcome they wanted.

  • Silky Johnson "Player Hater of the Year"

    haters gonna hate. I hate you, I hate you, I don’t even know you and I hate you

  • Abort ignorance

    So its ok to hate as long its about something you hate? What are these protesters saying actually? Do they HATE violence? Do they HATE people that voice their opinion? Do the HATE people just like them that HATE others for not being like them??? Make protesting illegal make any group include everyone or no one at all. Get rid of BLM, get rid of KKK… get rid of segregation of any kind whether its about race or sex. PERIOD!!!

  • So over it

    Is it just me, or is the whole country becoming racist against anyone Caucasian? Slavery was absolutely a terrible event in history but it’s no longer a living way of life that no person alive took place in but white people will forever be condemned in their own nation for their ancestors mistakes. Could you.. god forbid.. see a peace rally for white rights? Imagine the brutality that would come with that but any other race or ethnicity can hold rallies in America and it’s great. I think everyone should stop pointing the finger at different colors for their ancestors mistakes and everyone just stop hating INCLUDING all races pointing fingers at white folks.

  • Donamick

    What a joke!! I grew up here and was blind to the hate and racism that dwells in the scranton area starting with public officials, business owners and the general public until my friends from other states opened my eyes. I know people from scranton that left and REFUSE to return because of the deep seated hatred. I can see and feel that hatred in a lot of N.E.P.A. natives. It will never change!

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Deep seated would be correct.

        Like “My cynicism and lack of concern for the outcome of protestors who repeatedly cry wolf is deeply seated in my psyche.”

    • Writer Girl

      I agree people in NEPA, are different, but many are good. Hatred and bigotry will always exist, no matter where you go. Seek out the good; forget the idiots.

      • El Ma

        Writer Girl, I always wonder how well these extremists would fare in…………..the Congo. Or, Rwanda, perhaps. Or……Croatia. Or, Afghanistan. There is a host of places in this world where anyone whispering to their sibling or neighbor any of this current rhetoric would end up with their heads being neatly separated from their shoulders in a public stadium while kneeling in the dirt.

  • Reason....

    All hope is lost that this so-called president will ever start acting like one. It is now abundantly clear that “make America great” only means “make Trump richer .” He doesn’t care you white, black or otherwise unless he can get your vote or you are a millionaire.

    • tire old guy

      Love your one sided so-called reasoning. Where were you when Obama was stoking the flames of Ferguson or making stupid racial inflammatory comments like the one about Trayvon Martin, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”? Where was the left wing liberal outrage for all the Federal racial prosecutions of cops and others doing their jobs without so much as a single conviction either in Baltimore or Ferguson or anywhere else. No comment on the professor beer drinking get together at the White House after the racial accusations against cops just doing their job in Boston by Obama. Obama set this Country`s race relations back fifty years and now that Bush is gone all you can do is blame Pres. Trump. I and a lot other Americans are sick and tired of your slanted one sided prejudicial whining with the help of the left wing lying and false reporting media which is why Mr. Trump won n the first place. No mention in the liberal media of all the black lives matter wearing shirts of thugs who were throwing punches and committing the same violence just as much as the other side. They also are just as wrong and organized as the supremacists and well funded by Soros. So go ahead and blame we will ignore you and carry on our peaceful lives from day to day just trying to get by till it comes time to vote then we will give some more to whine about.

      • El Ma

        Tired Old Guy……….omigosh, well-typed.

        The only reason that Trump won was because he was able to hire a much better team of psychologists and sociologists to tell him what to say, how to say it, and how to make the people who felt the most disenfranchised to believe that he was not only speaking FOR them, but actually speaking TO them. People were angry. People were frightened. People had become fed up, and here comes somebody that SEEMS as if they can facilitate changes.

        Oh, good gosh………..I still can’t find that danged ibuprophen………..

    • Writer Girl

      Groups like the KKK have been around before Trump was president and will be around long after him. You need to see the big picture and oh, I and hundred’s of thousands of Americans, Love Pres. Trump and think he does want to help us.

    • John

      Donald Trump is a multi billionaire…he doesn’t care about money anymore. He has more money than he could spend in 10 lifetimes.

    • Fredric

      You missed the point of this theater. These are National Socialist… hence…. liberals… like those acting in huge rallies in Weimar Germany. These are who brainwashed the driver as already announced by the police.

      Didn’t any one see the brown shirt?

      Then they bring it to one if Hillary’s hometowns and have to count police and news crews to get any attendance figures. Scranton was poorly staged. We all saw through it. This was a paid commercial. Back to corn flakes.

      • Are you kidding!?!

        They are so indoctrinated they don’t realize that the National Socialists and the Commie Antifa are on both the same with different shirts. These two groups mirror Germany in the 20s. How quickly we forget actual history, and instead believe in the history of “now”.
        BTW, who bussed in all the rioters?
        Why, once again, did the Police do nothing but watch?

    • Writer Girl

      The ones stopping free speech are usually on the left. You know, like the counter-protesters. Wise up and get a clue.

    • John

      Do you mean like how the liberal left, tries to silence republican speakers ( Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter) on college campuses, by threatening riots, and vandalism? Is that what you mean? All of the people I mentioned have had speaking engagements cancelled because of threats, made against them by the liberal left. The liberal left includes Antifa, and other socialism supporting groups. FACT!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hey Alex Tomlinson, since you have all the answer, what kind of world do you think we should be living in?

    What’s your perfect scenario ?

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Yep or destroying businesses.

      But now, you can’t add reason and fact to the argument!! That’s not fair to the left and may trigger snowflake melting!

    • JD

      And chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon. What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want em? Now!” How is that any less evil?

  • TRUTH hurts

    You can’t be a racist neo-nazi and call yourself a patriot. If you can’t at least respect your neighbors who are only asking for nothing more than civility then leave this country now . You are the problem .

    • Alternate Truth

      Yeah, when BLM was rioting and burning down buildings they just wanted civility. They’re just misunderstood.

  • donald t

    I wish I was on welfare, and food stamps, and didn’t have to work and do stupid stuff like this all day.

    • ozzycoop

      You realize this rally was held on Sunday right? 80% of people don’t work on Sunday including the “right”. Leave it to a republican to complain about people coming together to rally against hatred and racism. Some people aren’t happy unless they are miserable and complaining i guess.

      • Rocco

        The right doesn’t work any day of the week. They don’t have the job skills needed in a modern society. They’re not willing to go to college or take an apprenticeship cause it’s too hard. They don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes going to work or returning from work. They don’t want to improve themselves. They worry what others are getting free while they sit in their mother’s basement seething about what others have. But yes they work very hard at dead end jobs. They can’t pass a drug test to get a good job. Can’t even stay clean long enough to pass a UA just to get a job. But it’s not their fault.

  • RicU.

    This is all theater. Notice the camera angles were perfect. There were swings and misses for camera placed perfectly. VERY Regretfully, 3 are dead and serious charges filed on cue. Look at the pictures, people.

    NOW, to boost rating, fear, cries for police protection at the cost of liberties and play the finger pointing game, a “surprise” rally will be held in Scranton a full week after the main event. Sorry, I am not even interested in the commercials. If you can’t see this, I have a pair off glasses and a bridge I can sell you.

  • Lloyd "phukemal" Schmucatelli

    How long is it going to be until you humans on both sides of the aisle realize that none of this matters? Nothing matters.

    It’s all fleeting. In a few days, this will be forgotten and replaced with the next headline.

    You attempts to organize hope and change actually fuels the problems.

    GOD DAMN, I love watching the masses get all worked up!!

    • Alex Tomlinson (@hootalex)

      Lloyd, not caring does not make you seem smart or cool. We have to work to make the world a better place for future generations. Believe it or not, the “masses” are made up of people like you. Too lazy or too cynical to try to even try.

      • RicU.

        The Rich and Powerful could care less. While you are typing PC phrases, they are winning TV images. This was scripted, blocked out and practiced. Notice how the cameras were in the exactly correct spot for the car wreck, the guy singing and missing, the sign “forced” to the ground and more. Your #AlexCares and will do little is exactly what the “organizers” worked on this for months want. They were paid well but we need to know by whom and we need to know now.

      • Alex Tomlinson (@hootalex)

        You do have the “Rich and Powerful could care less” part right though. Instead of posting, check out alternative forms of economic and political systems that don’t create the bad conditions that we live in today. Heck, just look up the definition of socialism. Just don’t waste your time being so conspiracy-minded. Not everything is a conspiracy.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        I’m not part of your “we”, that has to work for shyt, so don’t put me under your umbrella.

        The future you puffballs are working for isn’t a future I want anyway.

      • NO THANKS!

        Alex……….”hate” has been around since mankind became mankind. What is termed as “hate,” today, is simply a diversion – smokescreen. There are other more immediate and pressing problems than acquiescing to the 58 genders, past slavery issues, the great Islam debate, or the KKK. Fear is huge – it is a driving force which is why so many people are up in arms over so many things that don’t matter.

        The people who are pretty much moderate are the ones that see all of this nonsense for what it is. And, unless any one of them has a bazillion bucks that they can hire mercenary citizens to disrupt gatherings and make the fear of mainstream a driving force, then sitting back with a bowl of popcorn and watching this all unfold isn’t being “lazy,” my boy. It’s wisdom. Follow the money

    • El Ma

      Lloyd, people are basing their views solely upon emotions and the misinformation that has been provided by “trusted” news sources. It’s the NEWS, so it must be true, right? It is a serious challenge for any person to separate their emotions from most issues and observe with an objective eye. I had one heck of a time learning this skill, and I’m still working on it and I always will be.

      (sigh) Found the ibuprophen……….now, it’s time to get quiet and listen to the night sounds that are oh-so-much-more soothing than anything else I can think of at the moment.


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