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Troopers Announce Investigation into November Homicide

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- State police are just now releasing details of a homicide in Susquehanna County that happened in November of 2016.

Troopers say they found the body of Calvin Fichter, 64, at his home on Cal's Way in Great Bend Township.

He was shot three times in the head and neck.

People who live right down the road had no idea the homicide had happened.

"'I've actually never been on that road, let alone know that there was a house there, so it's very crazy to me," said Megan Geisler.

Police say Fichter had been shot three times in the head and neck.

They found his body in an upstairs bedroom.

There was no sign of a break-in at the home but police say one of the victim's guns is missing.

"It complicates things when it is such a remote area and very little people around to see anyone coming or going from the residence," said Trooper Mark Keyes.

Fichter was a business owner who lived near Philadelphia but would come up to his second home to fish and hunt often.

Troopers want anyone who knows anything about the crime to come forward.

"That's why we're now reaching out to the public for their assistance. If anyone heard anything from the Susquehanna County area all the way down to Philadelphia. We're hoping that someone may have said something to someone or seen someone near his residence," said Trooper Keyes.

As police search for Fichter's killer, neighbors are concerned.

"You never know. I mean, I'm sitting here with my music on and somebody could just blow me away on the mower out of the blue," said Edward Slater.

"I think it is very crazy because this community is so small and very tight-knit," added Geisler

Crimestoppers and the victim's family are offering a $5,000 reward for information in this case.

Anyone with information about the homicide is asked to call state police at Gibson at 570-465-3154.


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