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The Sounds of a Comeback – Residents Ready for Air Show

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WILKES-BARRE/SCRANTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- If you live near the Lackawanna/Luzerne County line, chances are you heard the comeback of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Air Show Friday afternoon.

It's been 17 years since there was an air show at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport.

Some of the planes that will be flying this weekend were up in air practicing and many people who came by the airport told us that, once the planes started flying, it felt like yesterday.

"I am so glad," said Jeanna Lacava. "I definitely missed it. Growing up, we'd always watch it so we definitely missed it when it was away, we're really glad, yeah."

Jeanna Lacava of Old Forge was one of the lucky people who got to see a practice run of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Air Show after its 17-year hiatus.

Connor Kane from Bear Creek isn't old enough to remember the original.

"I think just seeing all the new and old airplanes, how things have changed."

Connor came with his dad and uncles, eager to show the next generation what it's all about.

"When it was here the last time, my nephew wasn't alive. It's been almost 20 years since it's been here so, I mean, who would say 20 years later I'm here with my nephew?" said Jim Kane.

Their presence is, no doubt memorable, loud enough that the Turnpike will be closed during the air show on Saturday and Sunday but visitors say it's the sound of a strong comeback and they're ready to make new memories.

"I'm just amazed by all of them," said Mark Petlock. "I just like, history and everything else, where we started from and where we're at today, you get all the vast differences of everything here."

"Great to see the air show back in the area," Petlock added.  "We were over there under the tent with some of the veterans and stuff, the older guys, and it's really nice hanging out talking to them, just seeing what it's all about, the old planes, the new planes."

Ask World War II veteran Dutch Phillips about the old planes. He was a gunner with the Marines and says watching this takes him back to the air.

"Oh, it's something you're happy has been part of your life," Phillips said.  "You're glad you went through it, but I don't know if I would a second time!"

He says the planes move a lot faster these days.

The performers will have the chances to show off technology that wasn't available the last time the air show was in town.

"I very vaguely remember coming up here as a really small kid and sometimes I'll see the pictures we have at home and it sort of brings back some memories of it," said Virginia resident Zachary Matticks.

Something in those memories stuck. Matticks is originally from Lackawanna County. He will make a big move next year.

"'I'm going through the recruiting process right now for the Air Force, hopefully, I'll be in sometime next year."

Folks at the airport want you to know about three options for parking.

You can park at the Northeast Fairgrounds in Pittston and take a free shuttle, use public transit in Wilkes-Barre or Scranton, or you can park at the airport for $10.


  • leroy

    $10 to park? I like how the scranton times originally said $8-$10 for tickets. But now they are $20. Wait until you see all the VIP’s and politically connected who got free tickets. Scam as usual.

  • Han Jickey

    Happy the airshow is back! Great memories like the article mentioned. Everyone in my neighborhood was out watching the planes and smiling thinking about the great times. Reminds me of moist turkey dinners on Thanksgiving.

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