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Lottery Ticket Frenzy in the Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- Two big lottery jackpots are up for grabs this weekend.

The Mega Millions drawing Friday stands at nearly $400 million and the Powerball jackpot is an estimated $356 million.

Delon Waller from Stroudsburg came to the Shell Station for two things: gas and some lottery tickets. He hopes his numbers will come up in Friday's Mega Millions drawing.

"Somebody has to win sooner or later. I know it's up there so hopefully one in a million chance I win, please," said Waller, Stroudsburg.

The Mega Millions jackpot is up to nearly $400 million. Saturday's Powerball jackpot is nearly $360 million.

"Yes, a lot of people, a lot of people are coming. I hope they will come more today because the jackpot is good and tomorrow's, too, is more than last week. We are getting good business," said Dalip Kumar, Shell Station manager.

A couple thousand Powerball and Mega Millions tickets have been sold at the Shell Station in Stroudsburg. Some people we spoke to tell Newswatch 16 the winner can pop up anywhere, even right here in the Poconos.

At Fill and Fly near Mount Pocono, almost every customer that stopped in bought a lottery ticket.

Wyatt Thompson from Long Pond is getting a positive vibe.

"I'm feeling lucky, I am feeling lucky especially with you guys here. I am really feeling lucky," said Thompson.

Of course, we had to ask what these lottery playing hopefuls would do if they hit the jackpot.

"Set up a school trust fund for my daughter and travel, that's first. Then help out family and friends," said Selina Sobers, Tobyhanna.

Are you a sharer? "without a doubt, I would have to share this money," said Thompson.

Good, can you share it with me? "Oh, why not, why not," Thompson added.

When you win, are you going to share it with Dan? "Dan, hey you know what, it's a good thing," said Sobers.

The Mega Millions drawing will air on Friday night on WNEP before Newswatch 16 at 11.

The Powerball drawing will air on Saturday night, right before Newswatch 16 at 11.

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