Schuylkill County Man Facing Sex Assault Charges

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MCADOO -- A 77-year-old man from Schuylkill County is accused of sexually assaulting another man with a disability.

Thomas Danishesfsky, of Mcadoo, was arrested Friday. Court papers show the victim told police Danishesfsky assaulted him last week.

The accused admitted he did it and said he had made a mistake.

He remains locked up in Schuylkill County.


  • Huggy

    New level of sex deviance in the schuylkill. Is Mcadoo really schunt county though? I wonder if he sex assaulted one of those disabled roamers from frackville? There’s a few roaming those streets freely with mental handicaps. They don’t even give them helmets. One guy causes traffic issues and the other talks to himself bout pierogies or something. Weird sick town

  • Lance

    We cannot go a day or so without another sick depraved pervert in the news. What is happening around here?

  • coal crackers

    The Frackville Vo-tech woods also have disabled roamers living in tents. The aggressive roamers chase after abled people but the older street roamers hunt down the disabled. The woods are a mess. Broken wheelchairs, soiled BVDs hanging in tree branches, and long grey socks arranged on the ground like a yellow brick road.

    • Shaking head

      Do you live in Frackville? Can you explain what went wrong that these people roam, molest, and soil bvds? Why no fruit of the looms?


    This guy looks like he might be a roamer. Skook has a bunch mostly frackville/ashland but mcadoo is no doubt the same kind of pedigree.

    • Kelayres Kathy

      I coordinated a charity coat-drive once in McAdoo. Lot’s of great second-hand Starter jackets were donated. Great community, great people.

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