Man Faces Charges After Facebook Messages Discovered

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CARBONDALE -- A Carbondale man is accused of raping a child.

Police arrested Charles Schoonover, 32, after his girlfriend discovered sexual messages he sent to a 12-year-old girl on Facebook.

That girl told investigators Schoonover forced her to have sex with him.

Schoonover is already a registered sex offender for indecent contact with minors in 2003 and again in 2005.


  • Tanya

    After the first time he should have had his man parts cut off, how is this man still walking the streets?!?!?!? There is no excuse for any child going thru this type of crap no matter how old they look, or what they are wearing. It’s innocence that she will never get back.

  • Faqu

    What a POS who can even be turned on by a child? And you ppl defending this sick freak are just as sick cut off his balls!!

  • seen it all

    Amazing and scary the scum comments on this post , Defending a dangerous pedophile and justifying raping children by your brainless posts , These are the facts , And kudos to the GF for calling the cops – despite her own embarrassment of getting involved with a criminal ( not protecting him ) .

  • WE I. D

    Don’t know know the entire story just the headline. Did he knowingly make sexual passes to a 12 yr old she could of lied about her age and she looked like a women of age. If he knew he should be castrated. If not the child shouldn’t even be on FB and if you think a girl is of age today be safe and follow the “WeI.D” if she doesn’t look 32+ card her.

  • Bob Smith

    Yes, 12 is a child which, it called Minor…… If the child turns 18 and complete high school. No longer a minor. Feel free to leave home.

  • Sickening!

    This is truly disturbing. Most people who are sex offenders have been sexually abused themselves as some point in there lives. It’s awful that they end up doing what was done to them. I’m not feeling sorry for this man I feel bad for that poor child. I can’t imagine what that poor girl is going through. Prayers to her and her family.

  • CastrateHim

    The justice system has failed this poor child. He should’ve been in jail already. This is his third offense. How many more times does it need to happen before he’s locked up? That’s northeast pa for ya though. The scumbags always come out on top.

  • Lance

    Another sicko! A regisyeted sex offender shoukd not be allowed access to social media. Plus he has a girlfriend? What’s her issue?

    • sc

      yes…12 IS a child!…how could someone question that, really?…in NO way is sex or sexual play acceptable with a child or a teen. If He couldnt control himself to make a better choice, he should rot in a cell.

    • sc

      yes…12 IS a child!…how could someone question that, really?…in NO way is sex or sexual play acceptable with a child or a teen. If He couldnt control himself to make a better choice, he should rot in a cell.

  • True News

    These adults need to leave these kids alone! There’s plenty of “Loose Lucy’s” or “Freaky Franks” out there that are adults, willing to get sexual with anything/ anyone willing. Go mess with them. Not children!!! So disgusting and disgusted at our sick society! Pigs are what they are.

    • sc

      dont blame this on american culture. research child expolitation and rape in Middle East, Asia,Africa,South America or Europe.
      it has nothing to do with culture. everything to do with vile humans.
      (since my comment was moderated)

  • guard

    Go Ahead keep closing prisons! This is the DOC policy of let them go that poor kid. I hope you all sleep well another screaming child as it is raped by the sickos..

  • Feed Me More

    3 times? its time to execute, hes broken mentally, prob voted trump, time to end him before he hurts another

    • Mike Greary

      95% of Clinton’s support base was pedophiles and sex offenders!

      See I too can make nonsense political arguments about irrelevenant news!

      Also let me try this one; WE SHOULD EXECUTE ALL CRIMINALS! Wait what? Drumpf just upped his rhetoric with North Korea!? GET THIS VIOLENT PERSON OUT OF OFFICE!!

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