Man Accused Of Inappropriate Sexual Contact With Mentally Disabled Man

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MCADOO -- Thomas Danishesfsky, 77,  is locked up at the Schuylkill County Prison, accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a man who investigators say is mentally disabled.

Authorities say the contact happened at Danishesfsky's home on South Cleveland Street in McAdoo a week ago on August 3rd.

Dave DeJesus lives on the other side of the double block home and was stunned to hear why his next-door neighbor was arrested.

“That's just wrong in every single regard. He's not mentally stable himself but that just, I can't,” said DeJesus.

McAdoo police were called to Danishesfsky's home last Thursday for a report of that inappropriate sexual contact and met with both the accused and the alleged victim.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police that Danishesfsky led him into Danishesfsky's house and upstairs to his bedroom where the sexual contact happened.

“I hope he stays in jail because that`s bad, that's just bad, that's just really bad,” said Lucas Wood. “I don't see why somebody would want to do that, like consciously, under a good conscious, how could they, how could they?”

“It's not right at all, it's disgusting, honestly, that somebody can even have that idea to do that to somebody,” said Caitlin Katona.

The complaint goes on to include that Danishesfsky confirmed to McAdoo police that the contact happened and that he “made a mistake”.

McAdoo police took him into custody after executing a search warrant to collect evidence.

“Unfortunately, this is just the beginning, the criminal justice end of it is merely one piece,” said McAdoo Police Officer Fred Lahovski. “As a community, unfortunately, there's a lot more we're going to have to do.”

Bail was set at $50,000 but Danishesfsky is unable to post that.

A preliminary hearing is set for September 12th.


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