Crews Find Evidence Underwater in Barbara Miller Cold Case

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WEST CHILLISQUAQUE TOWNSHIP -- Crews searching a pond near Sunbury found new evidence in connection with a nearly 30-year-old cold case in Northumberland County. Authorities said the county coroner has been called to the scene.

Sunbury police tell Newswatch 16 they found evidence in the pond in West Chillisquaque Township, near Montandon in Northumberland County.

Sunbury police said they found what they were looking for. They found a container buried in the pond but would not say what is in that container.

The yellow container holds evidence in the 1989 Barbara Miller cold case homicide, according to Sunbury police.

Investigators spent around eight hours searching this pond along Route 45 near Montandon.

Miller went missing in 1989. Her case was recently reopened.

Police tell Newswatch 16 after months of interviews, the next phase of their investigation led them here. They found the particular piece of evidence they were looking for and carried it away inside a yellow container. Police would not say exactly what that evidence is only that it was a container buried in the pond.

Miller disappeared in July of 1989 and her body was never found.

According to the search warrant, the prime suspect in Miller's disappearance is Joseph Egan, who goes by the nickname "Mike." He is a former Sunbury police detective and Miller's ex-boyfriend.

In early June, the cold case was reopened when police spent close to one week searching a house in Milton. Evidence was taken from that house and is being looked over by forensic experts.

On Wednesday night, Sunbury police and a state police forensic unit were at the last home where Barbara Miller lived in Sunbury. Authorities also took pieces of evidence from the house.

Over the past few months, police have done many interviews and say their investigation led them here.

Several people who live along Route 45 came outside to watch.

"Growing up when I was younger, we used to fish in this pond a long time ago so that really hits home that they're searching here and there might be something," said Greg Murphy.

Bill Bastian thought this was part of a different missing person investigation in this area.

"A few years ago there was a guy missing, Gricar the D.A., I thought they were looking for him."

Sunbury police confirmed that this search was connected to the Barbara Miller case.

They are looking over that evidence they found in the pond and are expected to come out with a statement shortly.

An earlier version of this report indicated that crews were searching the Susquehanna River. That was incorrect.


    • El Ma

      Not all cops are bad just as not all individuals in need of assistance are single mothers of four. The issue with any people who are in positions of power is that some of them (NOT all) realize the extend of that perceived power.

      The possibility that the suspect is a former cop only means that he may have put a little more effort into covering up his crime that the run-of-the-mill killer. Dreadful for the family of the victim as there’s no real closure for them.

    • Jess

      Do you realize how many police officers there are in this country and most of them are good people and don’t kill their spouses what the hell! I guarantee a lot more
      Wife’s get killed by their non cop husbands and boyfriends! What a stupid comment go crawl
      Under a rock!

  • Ron McD 224

    If you find a Red and White crankbait in there that is mine. I lost it in about 1995 and I am still not over it.

  • Bill K.

    Again, I’m so glad we’re getting closer to solving this mystery. I hope it brings the killer to justice and some kind of relief to the family. But I’m still wondering why Chief Miller is pursuing this case with so much zeal. He was chief of police in Williamsport for many years. He certainly didn’t pursue the unsolved Williamsport murder cases and unsolved Williamsport arsons with this much zeal. Why this case? Why didn’t he try this hard in Williamsport?

  • oh well

    These women think it’s cute to date a cop until they end up dead or missing. Look at the trail that Drew Peterson left in greater Chicago.

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