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UPDATE: Missing Teen Returns Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE: State police say Joel Depaolo returned to his home on Sunday.

(Original story)

DANVILLE — State police are calling the disappearance of a teen in central Pennsylvania suspicious.

Joel Depaolo, 19, has been missing since July 24. He was last seen along Logan Run Road in Danville.

Troopers say Depaolo drives a silver 2000 Mazda Protégé with Pennsylvania registration KLW5448 and a New York Yankees sticker on the rear window.

Anyone with information on Depaolo’s whereabouts is asked to contact state police in Bloomsburg.


  • deez nutz

    Probably was just on a heroin binge. What happened to all of his stuff that was missing, pawned for dope?

    • Susan E Phillips

      what stuff was missing? the article just said he was missing. stop being so judgmental. You don’t know the young mans situation so just stop.

      • Deez Nutz

        The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise did a story last week about this family. His sister is in prison for dealing dope and he has been involved in it before. Rifle and guitar missing from his home. Pillars of the community! It must be that they got in with the wrong crowd.

  • skay

    why would you put on the original story ?to what dramatize again, why don’t you tell the story of his return and whereas been and why did he leave…wnep has some real lazy reporters who lack drive and amjginatiun…hire me and i’;; be more focused then the yahoos that work for you

  • Leslie.

    To all those who call him a junkie. The only way you would know that is to be one. He is not a junkie. He was a teenage man trying to make his way in life until someone road blocked him. Now say what you will you judgemental fool, I know him and pray for him. I pray for you too.

  • Stacy

    This is someones child, what is with the lack of compassion and and empathy in society? Shame on all you folks with the negative comments. Prayers for both the family and rhe young man.

  • Huggy

    Hmm, anyone check the Vo-Tech woods or Granny’s motel in Frackville? Heard there’s tons of sex crimes there

    • Jill A cox

      To the folks posting negative things regarding my son, I pray you never have to feel the pain of a missing child.And thank you to all that are helping in the search.GOD BLESS

      • fight_the_good_fight

        i cannot imagine what you’re going thru and i pray to God i never have to! Praying for your son to be found safe and sound! Shared his story, and asked around.

      • Hope he's found!

        Jill, I pray he’s found safe. Prayer to you, your son and your whole family. May God bless you all and give you peace in Jesus name, Amen!!

      • Page Killgore

        Hey jill im very upset as well. Joel and i grew up together my mom was with hid father fora long time. Im praying that hes okay. Hes always been like my little brother. Ill pray for you and the family. Hang in there.

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