Hazleton Mayor Files for Act 47

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HAZLETON -- Hazleton's mayor has filed for Act 47. The news is a welcome surprise to people who live and visit the city.

"I think it is something that needs to be done because the city is really in dire straits," Norbet Chaiko of Hazle Township said.

Act 47 means Hazleton is asking for help from the state to get the city out of financial distress. Hazleton Mayor Jeff Cusat said he filed for Act 47 without consulting the city council. He sent out a news release that blamed the council members for his filing. In it, he said:

"The actions and inactions of a majority of City Council with placing their own self-interest and political gain above the best interest of the city has forced me to make this important decision."

Newswatch 16 spoke to city council President Jack Mundie.

"I'm still not convinced 100 percent that we should go into right now, although 10 or 12 years ago I thought we should have," Mundie said.

Mundie does not agree with the mayor's decision to file. He said the city's financial problems are the mayor's fault.

"The problem with the city is that the mayor isn't following our budget and is spending money that isn't his own that he doesn't care about," Mundie said.

Mayor Cusat said he tried to get the council to look at other ways to help the city's financial status. He said the council turned those down and he had no choice but to file.

"It is my hope and prayer that together with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development that we will navigate through the process of financial recovery with or without the assistance of City Council," Cusat said.

If the state gives the city Act 47 status, it will be eligible for grants, loans, and guidance that would help Hazleton city leaders make a plan to get out of financial distress.


  • Robert

    Just need a small loan and start buying properties, section 8 them….and heck as long as you don’t live there. Your on easy street right! Sucks to be the tax payers that live on the same street.

  • Lloyd Scumcatelli

    The cops should just drive around the the city and round up those driving lowered Hondas. 9 out of 10 times they’re illegal immigrants, deport them and that’ll solve your financial crisis,

  • Mike

    Hell no. No state money for a city that made a mess of itself. They can deal with it with their own taxpayers money.

  • Sincity

    Im gonna call Lou B and and see what he thinks about sending more illegal tax money to fund a corrupt sanctuary so called city. Local political hacks abused the weak system that is in place and now they want more cash so they could retire somewhere else in the future GOOD LUCK with that!

  • CeeMe

    Get rid of the illegal aliens you’re paying to educate, feed, incarcerate and more, and most of your problems will be gone, along with the crime. It’s just disgusting how this country is taken advantage of by foreigners, and it’s time to STOP!

  • Lance

    Stop supporting and protecting illegals who are using tax dollars that could be used elsewhere. Get a reality check Hazelton!

      • Robert

        Yes, funny but so sad and very disturbing on a number of levels. There are only so many cookies in the cookie jar and when that starts to go empty its going to get ugly as the last crumbs are fought over, and the masses go raiding a town closer to you/me/us for more.

  • Robert J Mills

    Let’s let more immigrants into our towns for free and fight protecting them? Let this town go down and throw out the bums that make believe they care about America.

  • CARL

    The multi-cultural additions to Hazleton might of drained the fiscal budget. This is a real rough place anymore. Pottsville having the national guard boarding homes, Shamokin and Hazleton going bankrupt. This coal region really went down hill. But some people stick around for teaching jobs and high school football action even though the area is falling apart, drugs are rampant and the taxes are going higher. A sociologist needs to study this place asap!

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