Mother Charged with Attempted Murder After Baby Found Alive in Plastic Bag

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SAYRE -- A teenage girl is under arrest facing charges of attempted murder. Police say she left her 8-month-old daughter in a bag in the trash.

Police in Elmira, New York say the infant was found in the trash Tuesday afternoon.

The child is expected to be OK, but it didn't take long before a 17-year-old girl from Bradford County was under arrest.

That baby's cries may have saved her life.

Investigators in New York believe the 8-month-old child was left outside wrapped in a plastic bag for three days before someone found her.

Investigators believe several people may have heard the cries, but it wasn't until neighbors in Elmira did some investigating of their own that the child was found.

"We thought it was a dog," said one neighbor to WENY-TV. "And it wasn't. It was a baby."

Now, neighbors in this New York community are baffled, knowing an 8-month-old child was wrapped up in a plastic bag for three days after she was abandoned around some bushes near their home.

"Her legs were dangling in the bag and her head was in the bag, her whole body. I tore the bag," said Kayla Seals, one of the women who found the girl.

The child's mother, Harriette Hoyt, 17, from Sayre, is now in jail charged with attempted murder.

Prosecutors in New York state tell Newswatch 16 Hoyt, who lives in Bradford County, would visit friends just across the state line in Elmira where she abandoned her child.

According to court papers, after placing the baby in a plastic bag, Hoyt left the infant near some bushes. That's where the baby stayed for three days until she was found by neighbors.

"Very heroic on their part to render aid," said Elmira Police Sgt. William Solt. "Immediately get her inside, as you would expect any decent human being to do, washed up the baby as quickly as they could, did whatever they could until first responders arrived. They are truly heroes in this incident."


According to investigators in New York, the baby is in a children's hospital in New York state and is doing well.

At a house on Keystone Avenue that police list as Hoyt's home, the woman answering the door wouldn't say much.

“That is my daughter and I've been asked not to say anything to anybody. Thank you very much,” she responded.

“I said no comments,” she answered when asked why her daughter went to Elmira to leave the child.

Most of the people in Sayre had already heard of Hoyt's arrest. Now, they say if she did commit this crime, they want to know why.

“8-month-old baby, unbelievable. I don't understand how anybody can do that,” said Charles Knittinger.

Charles and Margaret Knittinger live across the street from the Hoyts.

“There's so many people looking for kids like that they can adopt and somebody does that,” said Charles.

“I feel bad for the baby and I feel bad for her because she's got a tough road to go now,” said Margaret.

Ashley Matson went to Sayre Area High School with Hoyt and doesn't understand what happened.

“There's loving pictures on Facebook, like she loves that child, so I don't know what happened,” said Matson.


  • Welfare Matters

    Why do we keep paying for this? I didn’t get Miss Thang pregnant, but I’m responsible for paying for her error?

  • scurfie

    If she just would have had an abortion she would back out on the streets living large. There are those who would have celebrated her “choice” to kill the fetus too.

  • Kiki

    hang her high
    white welfare trash
    investigate the grandmother too
    u should know what your 17 yr old is doing

  • Why you so mad Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania people shouldn’t be allowed to leave Pennsylvania. Keep your devils in your own state

  • Bill

    Great country we live in. She was probably getting some forms of welfare now she tried killing her kid so now the taxpayers will pay for her. Post pardon depression is another joke oof liberal America another way to get out of responsibility. I hope the kid turns out good.

    • El Ma

      Post PARTUM depression……….it’s real, and it has nothing to do with “conservative” or “liberal” party lines. However, thinking dreadful thoughts and acting-out on them are two vastly different things.

    • Welfare Matters

      Your amazing mental gymnastics is a lame attempt to turn an attempted murder into a platform for political ideology. Judging by your spelling, grammar, and obvious lack of edumakashun, your political affiliation has done nothing to improve you, has it? Ignorance has no political boundaries, fool.

  • Lance

    A true pos!the idiots mother should also have asked where her granddaughter was. She could have put the baby up for adoption. Not leave it out to die.

  • look into it

    I’m pretty sure the baby’s daddy is much older than 17. How about an investigation into that possible crime also???? He shouldn’t be too hard to find, probably right down the street in one of Elmira’s infamous prisons.

  • Jake Smule

    This is an example of why abortion is a necessary evil that helps society and controls crime.
    Unwatned children are not born so they can not be killed later by mothers or grow up to be criminals.

    • Or...

      Or, girls could keep their legs together and boys can keep it in their pants. Of course, that would require willpower, self-control, self-respect, and persoanl accountability. Never mind, won’t happen with this generation.

      • Sickening!

        What does it matter if Or was a virgin or not? The point or is making is if you don’t want to get pregnant then maybe you shouldn’t be having UNPROTECTED sex . Society makes it like it’s no big deal to have sex at any age. The truth of the matter is you really shouldn’t be having premarital sex at all. No, I’m not perfect but that is what I’m teaching my children as soon as they are old enough to know what sex is. Women back in the early 1900’s up to probably the 40’s-50’s we’re shunned for having sex before marriage and if you were pregnant, you were hidden cuz it was shameful. So….

      • Hope he's found!

        Huh, that’s really none of your business. I don’t discuss my personal life with anyone but my husband.

      • El Ma

        OR… When I was this girl’s age, the worst thing that could ever happen to us was to become an unwed mother. Being loose and easy was pretty bad, but becoming a single mom? Intolerable and unacceptable.

        All manners of birth control are available and FREE at public clinics and Planned Parenthood – no need to go on a political rant about it. It’s just another option. It just seems that all of this “Family Life” and in-school sex education has done NOTHING to curb the current single-baby-mamma epidemic. And, it is absolutely an epidemic: socially, economically, ethically, and morally.

        These kids can have as much sex as they wish – just prevent unwanted pregnancies BEFORE they are formed. Use birth control, for crying out loud! When did this single mother notion become so acceptable?! Sheeeesh

    • free pass then

      Post-partum depression? She gets a free pass then. She tried to kill her own child – that’s murder, not mental illness. Transgenderism and liberalism is mental illness.

    • El Ma

      Post partum depression is a temporary CONDITION, not a lifelong mental illness. It can be treated, easily, and is simply transitional.

      What this woman did was to wrap an eight-month-old baby in a plastic bag, leave her outside in the sun and rain, and expect that child – that human being – to suffocate.

      If teenaged girls are not prepared to become parents on an emotional, financial, and spiritual level, then they need to either use some form of birth control, or really THINK about abstinence. Again, I have to wonder when this notion of single-parenthood became such a popular notion.

  • CeeMe

    What is wrong with these stupid, young girls? What kind of values were they raised with? Didn’t they ever hear of birth control, adoption, anything? I don’t care who comes to her defense, you don’t just discard a baby like trash or treat anyone with such disrespect. Disgusting!

    • Liberal stupidity is frightening

      More like where is the baby daddy? I’m certain if the probable adult male is not locked up than he’s out spread somemore of his posion seed in other teenage white momma’s. A political donkey group encourages this and wants much, much, more of it


        how on earth do liberals encourage that? liberals support pro choice more often than not which is literally the opposite. do you even read the stupid stuff you come up with? YIKES!

  • pot smoker

    Why not allow an adoption instead of killing ? Or was this a labradoodle type ( designer mutt) baby where you dont know if you should kick the poodle or take the labrador hunting ?

  • sc

    You people with your prejudice, stereotyping and racial comments really need to fall off your soap boxes and dig down deep deep inside for a hint of humanity and stop the poison. So happy that poor kid was found and alive. The Mother does not deserve another day of freedom but (parents, teach your children well and your children will likely teach your grand- children well.)

    • El Ma

      Laura, you have posed a very poignant question. That this girl of 17 had an eight-month-old means that she became pregnant at 16. That she kept the baby suggests to me a number of things. First, there was no father in HER life to guide her on what a productive man was supposed to be. Second, it suggests that nobody set boundaries for this girl or had any expectations for her to become anything more than what she is: a welfare-recipient-turned-convict. Third, this is a glaring epidemic within our culture. Women in universities and elsewhere are screaming about equal treatment and some other meaningless rhetoric while they encourage one another to engage in rabid sex, reproduce when they’re not prepared to be parents, and to shun boundaries, expectations, and personal ethics.

      When did this happen, and why did we ever allow it to?

      • BlessYourHeart

        EL MA I agree with your first two points, but you’re way out of line with the third. When have “women in universities” encouraged one another to have “rabid sex” and reproduce? Educated women want women and girls (because unfortunately young girls have sex) to have equal treatment and access to affordable birth control. Educated women DO NOT want more burden on society with welfare families, but you’re going to have to feed the beast somehow. Either pay for it upfront with planned parenthood clinics and sex education in school, or pay for it later with welfare families and the supporting a criminal class. This mother turned murderer is in a completely different social-economic class and who knows what support/non-support she was getting from her parents. Where and when I grew up, you did not have sex with boys, least you got a bad reputation, and you DID NOT get pregnant, least you ruin your chances of getting into a good college and ruin your career and life!

  • Bob Smith

    That sickened me! That young lady is not required to keep the baby…. Why didn’t she use common sense to go to family service to see a social worker to talk with them to turn her child over for adoption? Babies are not a piece of garbage!

  • pervert on a golf cart

    Shes white. On welfare. A Pennsyltuckian heading to a welfare state to kill her choices in life. She did not have to travel so far. She already lived in tRUMPville.

  • get really real

    The parade of white trash criminals continues. We need more immigrants to rebuild this country

      • get really real

        If it were not for immigrants, there would not be engineers to build the weapon systems for Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed and other defense contractors. There aren’t qualified “amerians” to do these high tech jobs as we have dismantled our education system. The irony (true as it is and you can “thumbs down all you want) is that americans have become dumb, fat, lazy and criminal.

      • i give up!

        Hispanics don’t come here to be weapon systems engineers you fool. They come here to reproduce, pick tomatoes, and stab people with dull, rusty knives.

    • TRUTH hurts

      Truth is the white trash dominate the crime news. You put on airs of superiority with no basis except your racist point of view. White trash — who view education as evil, who have no understanding of community and have nothing to contribute are the problem in NEPA. In 50 years the immigrants of today will have saved this area .

      • CeeMe

        In fifty years this country will be a cesspool of human scum, just like the countries these immigrants abandoned. If they’re so special, why aren’t they helping the area now? Oh, that’s right, most of them are here for what they can get. Took the easy way out instead of improving their own countries, so who is dumb and lazy and doesn’t know anything about education and community, like the white Europeans who built this country?
        You’re as delusional as Get Really Real.

      • El Ma

        Truth Hurts, a rotten egg is a rotten egg, regardless of what variety of chicken it came from. Do you realize that this nation was created by immigrants? Some of them good, some of them bad.

        When stupid people reproduce, we see them playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. This GIRL got pregnant over a year and a half ago. She kept that baby and then, after 8 months, decided to suffocate that helpless human being. Race has nothing to do with it. She is simply trash – white, hispanic, black, green, clear – it doesn’t matter because trash of any color still reeks.

    • Writer Girl

      Immigrants today are only concerned with what they can get for themselves. Many don’t even become Americans and/or despise America. They’re such losers they’ll abandon their own countries at the drop of a hat to make a buck for themselves. They don’t have the guts or the character to change their own countries like Americans did in 1776. That’s why they and their countries are so mediocre to crappy. Lazy, unimpressive people. You’re the one who needs to get really real, hot dog. You’ve swallowed all the immigrant tripe and lies out there, hook, line and sinker. Get educated.

      • Jose vasquez

        you say get educated, yet you sound about as ignorant as it gets. if i was an immigrant and i saw half the comments posted on this website i would learn to hate the locals too. you people are the most narrow minded white-supremacists around. i’ve met more honest, hard-working non-white than white. i hate all of you.

  • Abby

    They should put her in a garbage bag because she is a piece of garbage!!! Why didn’t she take the baby to a hospital?

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