World War II Purple Heart Recipient Offers Life Lesson

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KINGSTON -- Veterans who were injured during their time in the armed forces are being remembered this week through National Purple Heart Recipient Day.

There are few things as meaningful to Frank Steinberg, a purple heart recipient, as people stopping to say a simple thank you.

“I'm in Kmart last night and a lady came up and she says, 'thank you very much for your service,' and you just stop and you freeze,” Steinberg said with tears in his eyes.

Steinberg is a World War II Army veteran who injured his arm during the Battle of the Bulge, one of the deadliest attacks in World War II.

He still counts his blessings to this day.

“I'm a fortunate veteran. I'm here. I'm going to be 93 years old, I'm on my way,” Steinberg said.

After years working at the VA Hospital near Wilkes-Barre, you could say this Army vet found the work of his life and even the love of his life through his service.

He met his soon-to-be-wife, Clara Steinberg after he was wounded and was sent back to the U.S.

“She was in the army hospital in Atlantic City and she took care of me there,” Steinberg said.

If there’s one lesson he has learned from his time helping veterans at home and abroad, he said it is important for all vets to talk to one another.

“Regardless of what war, they should make references and never forget,” Steinberg said.

An important lesson to us all from Frank Steinberg.


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