Volunteer Firefighter Accused of Second Arson

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FACTORYVILLE -- A volunteer firefighter accused of torching a vacant home in Lackawanna County is facing more arson charges.

State police say Jacob Richmond also set a small fire at the Factoryville fire house.

This incident occurred on the same day he allegedly set fire to the home in La Plume Township.




    It’s obvious that this child needs professional help. Let’s hope he gets the love and support he needs to turn his life around. In the meantime, pray for all volunteers. They are the backbone of all of our communities.


    Facebook is a huge tool for some of these fire fanatics. I sware when there is a fire in the skook. Some Volunteer fireman post 100s of pictures within minutes.Some even have videos and live streams going up. Its crazy.

  • Susan E Phillips

    Don’t paint all volunteer firefighters with the same brush because of one bad apple. Most are willing to go out there any time of the day to serve their community with no pay for doing so. The majority deserve a lot of respect.

    • mr. pibbles

      I’ll paint volunteer firefighters with whatever brush I choose! If it looks like a duck, it’s a duck. If it looks like an arson, it’s a volunteer firefighter!

      • you're reasoning game isn't strong

        So if someone that drives the same car as you is a bad driver, then everyone that owns that same car is a menace on the road. You’re an idiot.

      • Scott

        your first analagy was on par, but your second one made no sense. Just because he was a voulenteer firefighter that set a house up in flames dosent mean that every voulenteer firefighter is or has commited arson. It is so asinine to say that. God forbid thay your house catches on fire, and there is a voulenteer firefighter saving your life and extinguishing the flames, are you going to accuse he or she for setting the flame?

    • a volly

      Thank you Susan. Truth is, people like Mr. Pibbles here would rather spew discontent than help anyone. I wish his kind would wear an ID bracelet so we would know not to help him. Funny thing is, most volunteers would still help him no matter how big of an a-hole he is.

  • ghost of The What Knot Shop

    maybe Factoryville Fire Company can show firefighter arsonist prevention videos at their new firehall on their $7,500.00 TV set. After all, we were told those pricey tv’s were for instructional videos. Seems like a good time for the guys to gather ’round the new tv and learn how to avoid bad publicity for the fire company.

    • Gerard Welby, president factoryville fire company

      dear ghost – nice how you hide behind your computer keyboard and spew mis-information like water at a 5k race,
      lets get the facts straight – yes we are building a new building, long overdue by the way, yes we are purchasing new training tv’s for it – no the cost was not even half of your ridiculous figure for three of them and although this troubled young man did us all wrong, we at least were trying to help him get his life together before he crushed our hearts –


        the ghost should join the fire company, obviously they know better than the people that run it now. with them in-charge nothing would ever go wrong again

      • BillDorey

        As a past president of FVC it is painful to see these reactions from about a troubled young mans deeds. He is not the first volunteer to do this or a paid fire fighter for that matter. Take heart and ignore the loudmouth idiot’s who do not donate, come out to work mantaine the equipment or any other means of support. They just think they know it all and hide out by staying anonymous because someone may know them and realize how stupid and selfserving they are.

  • Fredric

    From a position of trust and respect, he tumbled into the pits of deprivation destroy the faith and respect we place in firefighters. Worse, these Houses will no longer pay for schools and training and needed services we need. That’s one week without snow plowing this winter.

    Who flubbed the screening and oversight of this member? Is the one member or an epidemic?

    • think positive

      Good points, and well said. We must always keep out eyes open, hearts open, and our brains working overtime.

    • taxes

      Are you talking about lost tax revenue? The owners of the property will still have to pay the taxes on it, but the bill will be reduced. The house is gone, but the property remains. The land will still be taxed.

      • lester

        Thats only IF its demoed, and they pay. Like many around here, they sit to rot. I hope its taken care of.

      • B

        No, he’s talking about the money that went to put out an intentionally set fire. The cost could’ve went to more important things if this guy hadn’t set a fire just to be bale to volunteer as a fireman.

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