Minisink Park Closed on Weekends

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Liz Howatt from Smithfield Township gets her steps in daily at Minisink Park near Delaware Water Gap. But on weekends, she now has to go elsewhere.

Smithfield Township officials have closed the park off to the public on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of the summer due to littering problem.

"I truly do love this park and utilize it pretty much every day. It's a shame that people or a few bad apples ruining it because there are a lot of people that enjoy it," said Liz Howatt, Smithfield Township.

According to this post on the Township website, too many people are using the parking lot as an access point to swimming and picnicking in Brodhead Creek.

The township doesn't own the creek, but it does own this trail that leads to it. Littering and safety concerns on the trail prompted the weekend closure.

"We've experienced it. I know when we go to the river and waterfall, I always bring a trash bag and a lot locals do it too because outsiders, visitors will come and dump their stuff but locals use this park all the time," said Jesus Lopez, Bushkill.

Whether it's to play on the fields or take a walk on the trail, people who use this park hope the township comes up with a better solution so it can reopen on the weekends.

"It's kind of hard because you want to come to the park, a lot of people play here. I like to play Pokemon Go here and you want to come to the park and you just can't do it," said Van Yetter, Smithfield Township.

"Maybe like an entrance pass or something like that or, yeah, someone to patrol to make sure things like that aren't happening," said Lopez.

The weekend closure will be in place from now through Labor Day.

Minisink Park will only be opened on weekend during scheduled sporting events.


      • Bob Smith

        Oh really? I tell you what…. Long ago when, I was in Mexico….. At night when, I was walking on the edge of park. Very beautiful place from Victorian time. Some of us see lot of Elote, Mexican fried corn with dressing on a stick that sold streets food vendors which, they could afford. It was shocking to see eaten corn cob all over the ground. Nasty and gross…. Rats and mice would come and get it and it won’t clean until early morning sunrise. That’s their culture for trashing places. UGH!

  • Jack Irvin

    Charge a fee for those outside the township, pigs do not like to pay, this needs to happen to our state parks also, if you are not a resident, then pay up

  • Writer Girl

    It’s the PIGS from out-of-state and new to the country. No Respect for anyone or anything, not even their wretched selves.

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