Matt McGloin at Philadelphia Eagles Camp

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The Philadelphia Eagles are reinforcing second year quarterback Carson Wentz this season with more play makers and protection. Veteran Wide Receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith bring size and speed, to a core lacking both. While Quarterback Matt McGloin adds a security to a position crying for depth and experience.

"But, change is good," said McGloin. "I'm excited to be here now. Playing with new guys, getting to know how those guys play. Getting to know them and learning a lot from our staff and the players around me. So, it's been a great transition."

McGloin's teammates are also glad to have experience at the quarterback position. The depth and versatility is important at the practice level.

"It's very important," claimed Wide Receiver Torrey Smith. "Anytime you snap it you have to be comfortable with guys, especially Matt, he's very talented, has a very strong arm. He can make every throw. We are very comfortable with him being in there. He's been there the whole off season. He's done a great job. So, whether he's in there or Carson or whoever, you feel comfortable with that type of veteran presence there."

It's been a storybook career for Matt McGloin from West Scranton to Penn State to four seasons with the Oakland Raiders, but now he's back in the NFC East, where his favorite team growing up resides: not the Eagles, but the Dallas Cowboys!

"I'd rather not say, but it's definitely good to be back home in Pennsylvania now with the Eagles," beamed Matt. "It's a very, very good place to be, for me. It's a great organization."

McGloin said he's happy where he is right now.

"Absolutely," McGloin began. "I understand that I am very blessed and very fortunate to be in a position that I am in. I definitely don't take it for granted. Every time I step on the football field I try to get better. I try to be a better quarterback, a better leader, and a better person because you can't play for ever. Also it's a constant grind, but you embrace the grind and enjoy the grind. You know, the support is always there which is incredible. Wherever you go Scranton is always proud, always supportive, always there for you and that's one of the reason why I play the game."

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