Dentist Charged With Ordering Illegal Prescription Pills For Woman

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Authorities in Lackawanna County arrested a dentist for allegedly ordering illegal prescriptions for pain killers.

Christopher Bereznak, 47, of Clarks Green, is charged with ordering illegal prescriptions for prescription pain killers for a woman he met on Craigslist with whom he became romantically involved.

Authorities in Lackawanna County say Bereznak is a dentist with an office on Route 6 near Tunkhannock.

They say he provided free dental work for a woman, Ashley Gammon, 25, after hours, then got her prescriptions for pills, including Oxycodone and Percocet.

In downtown Tunkhannock, people were surprised with the news.

“I have met him, I don't him very well but my goodness, I had no idea, I had no idea, it's a shame,” said Luann Ward.

Police began their investigation into Bereznak last August.

They say they obtained Bereznak's cell phone which showed 999 text messages between Bereznak and Gammon sent between June 8 and July 19 of last year.

Investigators say those text messages confirm the couple was romantically involved and that Bereznak was writing prescriptions for Gammon for several pain killers.

“It's like you wouldn't think of someone doing it in a small town like this but it happens I guess,” said Tyler Green, Tunkhannock.

Police say Bereznak placed orders at these pharmacies in Olyphant and Dunmore at Gammon's request and she would pick the pills up.

Police say texts between the two show a pharmacist called his office questioning the combination of pills.

Investigators say Bereznak then tells Gammon that combination "set off big time alarms."

“It's just sad that people can stoop that low to allow that to happen. You just hope that they either don't do it or you find some way to get them out and obviously he got caught and he won't be a doctor anymore,” said Green.

Investigators say Gammon died on July 20 of last year but that was not related to the prescription drugs.

Bereznak is free on $50,000 unsecured bail.


  • Karen L Thomas

    He also had a wife and child at home. Instead of texting 999 times…he should have spent his time with his family!!!

    • Tooth god

      Why don’t you shut your mouth you have nothing better to do in your life then talk about people! I’m sure your a perfect! Go get a life and do something for your community! With your wasted time!

  • Nearly Toothless

    Love my dentist. Dr. B. saved my teeth from the destruction left from the previous dentist. It took years to repair my rotting mouth.

  • filling

    If he was doing it for one probably doing it for others open tour mouth and close your eyes here comes a big surprise.

  • Thats awful!

    This is why there is such an epidemic of opioid abuse in this country! I myself fefuse to take painkillers. They make you so “stoned” you can’t even function. That’s not how I want to be that’s for sure. It’s just sad that this dentist did this and now can never ever practice again. Very very sad! : (

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Are you sensitive or have you been living under a rock?

      This happens everyday.

      Welcome to the party.

      • Thats awful!

        I get it happens everyday Lloyd it’s still sad. It’s called having compassion for people. That’s how it’s suppose to be. Not everyone is always so negative and harsh.


    So sad for all involved. Can’t believe all the negativity and snide remarks on this story. Someone lost their life for crying out loud. And another threw his life away. Grow up people.

  • Welfare Matters

    I have absolutely no pity for this man, or for the woman involved. Craigslist? People still do that?

    I guess the temptation is simply too profound for people to walk away from. eugh

  • that's a shame

    That’s a shame. Where are TomTom and Archie Beal going to get their psychotropics and hormone meds from now? Ever since the furry parties have been exposed their supply has dried up.


    47 going on 70. I guess a doctor’s education and professional licensing dont mean the fountain of youth in NEPA. The drugs, illegal dumping and Cogeneration plants age people quick.

  • Brenda

    Sad actually. He’s been my dentist for years. He had a rough couple of years recently. Poor decisions get made for various reasons in a person’s life.

    • dr. feelgood

      How many prescriptions did he write for you? Did he ever put you under for surgery? If he did, you might want to see if he had any peeper cams in the room.

  • Deus Machina

    It’s actually pathetic that a human being permeates this comment section as “Donald t” but then again… it could be me and you’d never know :)

  • Anywhere but there

    Looks like all the wanna be’s in NEPA, greasy slicked back hair, 5′ tall, 220# Disco is dead

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