Theft Suspects Caught on Camera – Again

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DICKSON CITY – Police believe a couple caught on camera stealing from a business in Scranton have also been spotted stealing from another business in Lackawanna County.

Cameras caught that couple stealing not once but twice now in the area -- first, at a Japanese restaurant in Scranton, and then at Headdies, a glass pipe shop in Dickson City.

A man in the video goes over to the glass case at Headdies along Business Route 6 late last month, pockets the piece of glass art worth roughly $800 and walks out.

"While we were watching the news Sunday--because we were going to go the police about it--we were like, hey, they're wearing the same clothes, those same people were in my store stealing off me and I have then on tape," said owner Chick McAvoy.

Authorities believe it's the same man with the same woman at Osaka Japanese restaurant on the same day, in the same clothes, seen taking a backpack filled with several hundred dollars' worth of electronics from a busboy at the restaurant in Scranton's downtown.

The owner of Headdies says he recognizes the woman and that she used to work for him. Now he's hoping police are able to find them and charge them for theft.

"Don't go stealing someone's money who works hard for it and not expect karma to kick you in the butt," he said.

Folks who saw the video and the way the couple acted are bothered that this was not a one-time thing.

"Everybody in this city works hard for what they have, can't believe people are OK with doing that," said Stacy O'Connor of Scranton.


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