Not Such Fair Weather?

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- It wouldn't be a county fair story without a little rain. The drops made a muddy mess of the fair grounds near Honesdale Monday, and that led fair officials to cancel Monday night's harness racing event on the track.

Jeff Firmstone is in charge of horse racing at the fair. He told Newswatch 16 the track can get pretty slick in the rain, unlike your typical raceway track.

"Safety first for both the animals and participants, the driver and the starter," Firmstone said. "As the track gets muddy, it starts to get a little slippery. It's a fair track as opposed to a raceway track that has more grade to it and they can handle a little better, so we always err on the side of safety and today is one of those days."

And even though the rain has canceled the horse racing, it hasn't dampened the spirits of some die-hard fairgoers. No rain gear here, or fears of getting soaked for that matter.

"It's a lot of fun, the rides, the rain pelting on your face hurts a bit, but it's a lot of fun." said one rider. "No, water is water. I'm not going to melt."

Neither was a duo from the Wayne Woodlands Manor. They enjoy coming out to the fair, rain or shine.

"It's great. We enjoy it. It gets us out for a while, whole new outlook and what's a little rain right? It's not going to kill us."

Fair weather or not, the Wayne County Fair will continue through Saturday.

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