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Driver to be Cited for Crash into Cemetery in Berwick

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BERWICK -- Berwick police say they plan to cite a man for leaving the scene of an accident after they say he crashed his van into a cemetery in Berwick, knocking over headstones and damaging a parked car.

Officers are not releasing the name of the driver but he turned himself in that morning.

Neighbors say it was disrespectful to leave the crash in the cemetery.

Toppled headstones are what remains in Pine Grove Cemetery off Walnut Street in Berwick after a crash destroyed five grave markers.

"I just think it's so disrespectful," said neighbor Carly Belles. "I have family that is buried over there and I just can't imagine how me and my family would feel if that happened to us."

Neighbors we spoke to say they didn't hear anything when the driver crashed his van into the cemetery two weeks ago, but they were shocked the next morning by what they saw.

"I just came outside and all those (headstones) were knocked down. It's just so heartbreaking for the families that have loved ones buried over there," Belles said.

Before the headstones were hit, neighbors say the driver crashed into a tree and a parked car on Walnut Street.

"To take off when it's a cemetery where people are buried and not be responsible enough to stay around, it is sad," said neighbor Brenda Yohey.

Neighbors say Walnut Street has an issue with speeding so they weren't surprised to hear of the crash.

Police say the driver has insurance, but there's no word on whether insurance will pay for the damage in the cemetery.


  • DirtyTownBerwick

    Good ole Berwick! Probably high on drugs cause that city is known for! That town has all scums living there. I had to drive threw Berwick for work and I had to come home and get a shower 🚿 after I left that town! Disgusting! Can’t forget also how The Bulldogs always cheat too! That grown ass man probably was a football player!

  • laura

    isn’t there that new leaving the scene law where it’s an automatic dui? by the amount hit and leaving it sounds like a pretty sure dui

    • Jonesy

      If that’s a new law, it’s only to make money. That’s the only thing to fund all of the waste that cops do with their budgets -unecessary overtime, vehicles they don’t need, or just overstaffing.


    I think we need to do some soul searching as a community. We have lost our heart and vision for what we need to become. I feel bad for the family and hope this person can get some help.

    • RJELQ

      Amen.. NEPA is such a beautiful area. I see the Duis, corruption, Drugs and odd pedophile actions stopping soon here.

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