Despite Chill, Crowds at Union County West End Fair

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LAURELTON -- The 92nd annual Union County West End Fair in Laurelton started this week, and Monday was a wet and chilly day there with temperatures in the mid-60s.

"It's a little too cold for me, but I'm probably going to be thankful for it later on in the week when it is 80, 90 degrees, so I'll take it,” said DJ Boop of Mifflinburg.

Folks were wearing sweatshirts and jackets, long pants, and rain boots, too.

This kind of weather is actually great for some fair-goers.

"For the livestock that comes to our fair, it's best with this cooler, damp weather, and then it's not so dusty here,” said Dennis Boop, President of the Union County West End Fair.

"The cattle like it. It's actually good weather for the cattle. We're running the fans. They like this, the cooler the better,” said Martha Stroup of Kreamer.

Fall-like weather at a summer fair didn't keep people from enjoying the food and the fun. They call this their favorite fair, a real community event.

"As always, it's fantastic, come to the fair! This is the place to be. If you stayed at home, that's your fault!" said Steve Moyer of Laurelton.

While temperatures in the 60s may be chilly for some, to put it in perspective, the record low was back in 1994 when it was 48 degrees.

"I kind of like this weather because it reminds me of fall,” laughed Samantha Raup of Millmont.

The Union County West End Fair runs rain or shine, hot or cold through August 12.

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