Camping in the Rain in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Tents, tarps, and sheets could be seen set up at every campsite at Tobyhanna State Park. People were taking cover from the rain and setting fires to stay warm on this chilly August day.

"Well, we just do our best. My husband put this tarp up to make a canopy which is great. It's keeping us dry," said Coco Saito, Long Island.

A duo from Stillwater in Columbia County have been here since last Tuesday. They tell Newswatch 16, the weather had a mind of its own during their stay.

"Most of it has been beautiful except for a couple days like today, and of course, it's got to rain when we tear down," said Patty Reichenback, Stillwater.

"It's nasty. We had to break out the heavy winter stuff recently," said Jay Reichenback, Stillwater.

Even though campers are upset that Mother Nature isn't cooperating during their stay in the great outdoors, they do find ways to stay dry and still have fun.

Anna Maria Cherfas, 10, from Manhattan, says these tents kept her family dry. Some woodland creatures made her stay very entertaining.

"A bear came to us. It came absolutely soundless. Me and my dad were playing with a ukulele and it came absolutely soundless. We only saw a shadow with ears. I was like, and then my dad was like look a bear and then he shined the flashlight and the bear was taking a box," said Anna Maria.

But for those who were not entertained by the weather or the bears, there is always next time.

"It could definitely be better. We are planning on staying until tomorrow but it's raining a lot so you never know," said Koya Saito, Long Island.

Other campers we spoke to hope the weather starts to improve before the summer camping season ends.


  • Fredric

    Bob Smith,

    Not fun either way. A bear in Boulder, CO crunch a camper’s skull but lived to tell. Must have been an empty headed “Boulder Liberal” as Colorado resident call it. No nourishment there.

    A smile for the U. S. Hornet and what one hornet did to Tokyo and Midway and the South Pacific.

    • Bob Smith

      Yes, I remembered….. A few weeks ago, a bear mistook a young man’s head for food…… My life in Texas where there is no bears…… Most fish, wild birds including wild turkey, boars, deers, and mountain lion at Big Bend State Park. At 4, I remembered living at my grandparents ranch in New Mexico hearing a wolf howl at night too. Now, I find bears in Pennsylvania.

  • Fredric

    The bears name was Yogi because wanted only the food in the pic-a-nic basket. Yogi is smarter than the average bear, right, Boo Boo?

    • Bob Smith

      My Pic-a-nic basket contains…. Burned burgers, undercooked fried chicken, spoiled tater salad, and stale biscuits! Come and get it y’all!

      • Fredric

        Bob Smith,

        Thats just what Yogi considers delicacies! He can’t those served up at the Hibernation Inn this winter.

        Seriously, anyone camping better learn what a BEAR BAG is and how to string it or your head might be on a black bear’s menu.

  • Fredric

    “Now Hear This: Due to Global Warming, summer has been cancelled this year. Enjoy late spring while you can. Colder weather and heating bills will return with a vengeance 15 September. Carry on.”

  • Bob Smith

    How about camping at Gettysburg at early spring. It was cold night and, I wondered if civil war ghost wandered in my tent?!? I’ve had enough of pesky ghosts!

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