Surge of Calls to Pothole Hotline    

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Almost every day, Sarah Logue drives down the alley behind her house near High Street in Williamsport.

"If you look at the street you can tell it's just a mess," said Sarah Logue.

In hopes of getting cracks and potholes filled in sooner. The city made an announcement last week in the newspaper telling people to call the city's pothole hotline. The suggestion worked, maybe too well.

"Probably worse than I have ever seen as far as calls and I understand because there are a lot of calls because there are a lot of potholes I see them every day,” said James O’Brien.

It's been about a week and they are still getting 40 to 50 calls every two days.

"We can't honestly be at every street in the city," said O’Brien.

With rain expected this weekend Williamsport street workers were busy clearing streams and creeks in the city and not filling potholes.

"We will get to it as time and mother nature allows," said O’Brien.

James O'Brien says it's impossible for them to have every pothole in the city patched at one time.

"We try to coordinate them to get the worst down the least worst," said O’Brien.

With around 600 calls since last week. The Williamsport Streets Department is going door to door. Making sure people who know while it may not be next week, most potholes will be patched.

"Door to door I think people will start to open up some more if they see someone at your door they will be like oh, hey you're here. Let's talk! So, I think it's a great idea," said Logue.

City streets workers are getting calls about some of the state roads that pass through Williamsport. The city is contacting PennDOT with those concerns, but people should call PennDOT's road hotline as well. As for the city, it’s asking people to try out the “Williamsport 311” app where you can follow the pothole patching projects on your mobile device.