Happy 150th Birthday, Watsontown!

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WATSONTOWN -- It was a warm afternoon, but that did not stop dozens of people from walking up and down Main Street in Watsontown. They were taking a one mile walking tour, with almost 60 stops, to learn about Watsontown's history.

"It's really quite interesting. I'm learning a lot. Learning a lot about Watsontown," Nancy Cotner said.

This weekend Watsontown is celebrating its Sesquicentennial, or 150th birthday. The borough was founded in 1867.

"So you have a Centennial which is 100 years. This is a Sesquicentennial which is 150," Janet Rump said.

There are many events planned for the Sesquicentennial, including a parade, entertainment and the walking tour. Walkers saw some historic buildings and items that were used 150 years ago, such as these caskets.

"It's just amazing. I have enjoyed every little bit of it. It's just wonderful," Eleanor Breasette said.

Eleanor Breasette lives in Montoursville now, but grew up in Watsontown. She remembers the community's 100th birthday celebration. She was in the parade!

"We rode on the float and I was sitting by an old sewing machine I think if I remember correctly. It was amazing then and it's amazing now," Breasette said.

And there's a celebration with food, games and entertainment that runs all weekend here at Watsontown Community Park.