Former Commander Looks Back On Service

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Colonel Gregory Peterson has served as Commander at the Tobyhanna Army Depot for the past two years.

At this Change of Command Ceremony, he handed over the leadership role.

"It's bittersweet because it was great people here and I am going to miss the people so it's a good feeling and bad feeling, but mainly good. It's great to have been part of Tobyhanna," said Colonel Gregory Peterson, Tobyhanna Army Depot Former Commander.

Colonel Nathan Swartz is now the Commander.

He says the Depot has a strong reputation and he's honored to take on the leadership role.

"I am here to help them succeed. I am the army face and I got that but I am here to make sure they are successful. I am not coming in here day one to change how things operate. This place is a legacy and we are going to build upon that legacy and build army readiness," said Colonel Nathan Swartz, Tobyhanna Army Depot Commander.

The Tobyhanna Army Depot is one of the area's largest employers.

About 3,200 people work at the place known for building and repairing military electronics.

The former Commander says he's proud of the work accomplished over the past two years.

"The commitment of the people that work here is just phenomenal. Probably anywhere fromĀ one thirdĀ to 40% of the depot are veterans or they got friends or family that are in the military. The commitment they have to supporting the war fighter here and readiness across the army and the other services is phenomenal," said Col. Peterson.

Colonel Peterson tells Newswatch 16, he and his family will now move to their new home in Nebraska.

He'll retire from the Army in November.