Pub Planned for Dickson City

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DICKSON CITY -- A building left behind by a restaurant that moved to a new location will soon have customers again. Crews are renovating the former Texas Roadhouse spot in Dickson City and a franchisee plans to open Tilted Kilt, an Irish pub with a twist on the traditional garb.

"This has been a really good area for us, we actually own and operate Friendly`s restaurants in the area, so we were looking for an opportunity to bring this venue to the area," said John Estep, Director of Operations for the franchise owner Aark Enterprises.

Estep told Newswatch 16 Aark Enterprises already runs three Tilted Kilt restaurants. This latest one fills a building that's been empty for more than a year and the developers hope it attracts other investors to the vacant restaurant next door.

"I think that any time that you bring in additional businesses, it gives other people an opportunity to bring something that either complements or directly competes with that," Estep added.

Even though the Tilted Kilt signs advertising "casting" of new employees could be seen as controversial, people Newswatch 16 talked to think the new restaurant will be a good addition.

"I think it would be a perfect fit because of the make up of the population here, a lot of people with Irish descent, and their food is usually very good and they have a good assortment of adult spirits," said Jeff Leskosky of Easton who is regularly in Dickson City for work.

Katlynn Lordy of Dickson City applied for a job at the place. The owners said they plan to hire about 120 people in the next few weeks. They hope to be open in time for football season.

"I think they need some areas, like I said, to watch sports," Lordy said.

Tilted Kilt in Dickson City is expected to open sometime next month.


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