Mother Claims Woman Posing as Caseworker Tried to Snatch Child

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MILTON -- A mother from Northumberland County got a scare when a woman posing as a Children and Youth worker tried to take her little girl.

She said the woman did not have an ID badge and refused to give her name, saying only that she was a Northumberland County Children and Youth worker.

Milton police say at one point the woman tried to get inside the house to grab the toddler.

Jasmine Tucker says she's never seen the woman who tried to take her daughter but the woman knew the child's name.

We spoke with Tucker and her mother about Wednesday night's ordeal which left them terrified.

People who live on Mahoning Street in Milton say it is usually a quiet neighborhood. But it wasn't quiet Wednesday night when Jasmine Tucker answered the front door to a woman who claimed she worked for Northumberland County Children and Youth.

"I said, 'can I have your name?' and she said no. I said, 'can I have your identification?' and she said, 'legally, I don't have to give that to you,' and I said, 'yes, you do."

The stranger told Tucker she was taking 2-year-old Brynlee to her rightful, legal grandparents.

"'What is the reason you're taking my daughter for?'" Tucker asked. "She said, 'we heard you are pimping her out for drug money.'"

Tucker says the scariest part came next. The woman pushed past her almost into her house. Tucker pushed her daughter out of the way.

"I whipped my phone out to take a picture of her and she slapped my phone out of my hands and by the time I picked it up to try and take a picture, she was running down that way."

Tucker's mom Lisa Phistner was at work in Elysburg and rushed home.

"So proud of my daughter," said Phistner. "A lot of people wouldn't think to ask for an ID and say you need to show me an ID. When it comes to Children and Youth, parents are just scared."

Northumberland County Children and Youth verified to Newswatch 16 a caseworker always has identification when making contact with someone.

The badges have the caseworker's name on it, along with their ID number. It also says "Children and Youth."

Northumberland County Children and Youth is working closely with Milton police.

Tucker and Phistner are scared to leave Brynlee out of their sight.

"When you're going to the park and stuff, you're playing with your child, letting them run, giving them a little space to run. God only knows, is this person going to come to the park and follow us? She already knows where we live," said Phistner.

The woman is described as having an average build, 35 to 45 years old, 140 pounds, blonde shoulder-length wavy hair, brown eyes, wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. if you have any information, you are asked to call Milton police.


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