Former Babysitter Arrested for Indecent Assault in the Poconos

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POLK TOWNSHIP -- A man from the Poconos is facing multiple charges after he allegedly inappropriately touched two young girls.

Raymond Bender, 54, was the girls' babysitter when the incidents occurred.

He faces charges of corruption of minors, indecent assault, among others in Monroe County.


  • Cassie

    For everyone on here blaming the parents, you’re all absolutely ridiculous. This man was their grandfather, part of their family for years. If your dad looked like that, you wouldn’t allow him near your kids? Everybody has such bad things to say about the parents, but I hope you never know what they’re going through. I know the parents and they’re hard working, rly good people who love their kids more than anything. He wasn’t watching them so they could go out, he watched them so the parents could work. And all of that is rly irrevelant, no matter what, the man touching them is in wrong. It’s not the parents fault so how about having some compassion for what this family is going through, and what these girls have lived with for the past 5 years. People make me sick with their rude comments….

  • Waiting for you Honey

    I will say one thing in his defense, He is a really good kisser ! Although, His tongue does taste a lot like rotten teeth.
    I love to cuddle with him.

  • Adamthomas

    this is a scary looking dude. How would parents let them near kids? People often look the other way in NEPA. Stop posting kids on facebook!!!! Do you people read the news around here!

  • think positive

    Someone let this guy babysit for their daughters???!!! They should also be arrested, and tested for mental sanity.

  • laura

    who in their right mind leaves 2 young girls with a guy who looks like that? as bad as the 2 in ohio with the kids in the back of a u haul

  • tomtom

    Best looking babysitter I ever saw, he’s the same guy that taught me everything growing up including supporting the liberal lunitics.

    • lookback

      The guy is a picture postcard of your typical Trump supporter but hey sexual predation is one of the qualities they voted for when they helped Putin install him in the White House.

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