Excessive Rain Filling Up Rain Barrels

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Annie Mikol is watering the garden outside Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center near Stroudsburg.

The water she's using is all-natural and free. It came from this barrel filled with rain water.

"Basically a device that we use for managing storm water on our property. They are typically made of food-grade recycled barrels that are connected to a down spout from your roof gutters," said Annie Mikol, Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center.

Mikol tells Newswatch 16 using storm water in the garden is not only better for plants, it's also good if you're looking to save a couple bucks on your water bill.

"On average, American's use about 1/3 of their water on watering properties or lawns for outdoor uses so this can significantly help reduce that cost," said Mikol.

With all the rain we have been experiencing, these barrels can fill up quite fast. If you don't have one and you're interested, they are actually making them this weekend in Middle Smithfield Township.

Behind the municipal building in Middle Smithfield Township, 40 barrels are getting prepped and ready for the rain barrel workshop.

Annette Atkinson is a township supervisor. She says the barrels come in handy, especially during dry spells.

"You wouldn't believe how much water comes off of your roof. It's an incredible amount of water that people use to just maintain their lawns and their flowers," said Annette Atkinson, Middle Smithfield Township Supervisor.

The rain barrel workshop will take place at noon on Sunday at the Middle Smithfield Township Municipal Building.

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