Donations Stolen From Needy Babies At Lackawanna County Restaurant

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- "Somebody actually came in and it is screwed down to the counter and ripped it right off the counter and stole it!”

It happened Monday: a box filled with donations was ripped from the counter at gourmet family restaurant in South Abington Township.

The place was busy.

The box was secured to the counter, meaning someone had to tear it away right in front of the register.

"To do it like right in the middle of the day I mean there's always one of us running around, the place is full, for someone not to see it, I just don't understand it,” said Korrie Kelly, an employee of Gourmet Family Restaurant

That donation box was meant for a charity, Cribs for Kids, that gives cribs to needy families to keep babies safe and prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It's a cause close to the hearts of the owners here.

24 years ago, their niece died from SIDS.

They alone have raised more than 6-thousand dollars for the charity.

"They've given away 50-thousand cribs and sets to people who need them that can't afford them. They're now nationwide and they've given away over half a million cribs so it's just very upsetting that somebody would steal something that goes to such a good cause and for little babies, innocent little children,” said owner Michele Henningsen.

South Abington Township police are investigating.

There's no surveillance video of the theft, but officers are hopeful someone knows something and will come forward.

"It's very sad that things like this happen, but you know it's happening more and more. I don't know how you stop it!" said customer David Adomiak of Taylor.

The owners of the restaurant say this won't stop them.

They've already requested another donation container.

"We'll double bolt it down this time, I'm not going to stop collecting, it's a wonderful, wonderful cause,” said Henningsen.

She is not certain how much money was in the container when it was stolen.



  • That's awful!

    It’s pretty sad when someone steals money intended to help innocent babies. Unfortunately temptation is always there and that individual (s) wasn’t taught right from wrong. I pray they find the person and make them pay back the money and then some.


    Just a matter of time and when. Family member would have been caught pocketing the money later. Volunteer fireman and youth leagues…It happens and people just accept it.

  • Stinky

    We need to build a wall in Clarks Summit before more trash from Wilkes and Scranton come down to rob us blind

    • i give up!

      “Come down to rob us?” Learn your geography you goof. Wilkesbarre and Scranton are south of Clark Summit. I think we need to build a wall around your old highschool and keep you in there for a couple more years.

    • E

      Ha ha ha! Who are you kidding? The people of Clarks Summit are the same trash as Scranton/Wilkes-barre trash. All if you are cut from the same cloth, Irish/Polish/Italian Catholic trash every one of you. The people in the Clarks Summit/Abingtons are just more organized alcoholic, coal miner trash and therefore have a bit more money. If any of you were really wealthy or had brains you wouldn’t be living in NEPA now would you? Oh right your “wealth” is only impressive in a burnt out coal slum ha ha ha!

    • Bob

      And people will do anything for cigarettes.

      They’ll even admit to 1st degree murder just to get a smoke

  • Bob Smith

    I am tired of hearing that donation jar always get stolen everywhere! Unfortunately people didn’t get anything too. Not fair to them. Not fair!

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