Toll Violators Have Until Friday to Pay Up or Have Their Vehicle Registrations Revoked

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is sending a message to Pennsylvania drivers with outstanding unpaid tolls: pay your bill by 7 p.m. Friday or get your vehicle registration revoked.

“That's great,” said Bill Schneider from Tobyhanna. “Because I pay for my tolls, so I think everyone should pay for their toll. If you use the turnpike, you shouldn't get away with not paying your bills.”

The commission said as of June 23, the statewide total of outstanding turnpike violations was $17.1 million.

More than 10,000 Pennsylvania drivers owe $500 or more, making them eligible for PennDOT to suspend their vehicle registrations.

“Are you serious?” said Ryan Hughes from New Jersey. “Holy crap that's a lot of fines. That's a whole heck of a lot of fines and so their answer to that is to go and revoke it.”

“People do have to pay. I don't know how else you'd hold them accountable, revoking registration seems a bit harsh,” said Bill Barton from Philadelphia. “I've never had a problem with that myself."

The total amount owned by drivers from several counties in our area, including Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon and Monroe Counties, tally up to between $100,000 and nearly $500,000.

But the commission has been offering violators a reprieve since July 5 through an amnesty program.

Toll bills newer than 60 days could be paid off at face value with no penalty.

Bills older than 60 days would have to cover the unpaid toll amount and part of the fines, but that could be done on a payment plan.

The Turnpike Commission says within three weeks of starting the amnesty program, more than 19,000 toll violations were resolved.

But that program expires on Friday night.

“They just go through the E-ZPass lane,” said Schneider. “I don't think they should let it get more than a couple hundred dollars but you should just pay your bills.”

The Turnpike Commission says once your registration is revoked, you must pay all outstanding tolls and fines to the turnpike plus an additional $91 to PennDOT to get your registration back.

Those with unpaid tolls have until Friday at 7 p.m. to settle their debt for less by calling 1-877-PennPass (877-736-6727) from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays (select option 2 when calling).

To learn more about the partial-amnesty program, or to check if you have unpaid PA Turnpike toll violations, visit

To see an example toll violation, click here:

For a sample toll bill, click here:


  • Fredric

    What a bad joke this is.
    PA have politicians who bill every penny they can from the treasury.
    They have a State Police who can pass police academy tests without a cheat sheet.
    They can’t get an accurate number of how much is outstanding.
    The usage on the road is down.
    This money just might be used to implement an outstanding plan to purchase and put tolls on I-80. ( NY created an income stream from I-84 in NY. )
    Wait until Pennsylvanians discover what truckers have known for decades. Register your vehicle legitimately through corporations in Montana and South Dakota.

  • Adamthomas

    They should pay you to drive in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Between the pedophiles, Bad roads, blight, drug houses, bad weather and corruption. Then throw in the that ridiculous gas tax and the outrageous school taxes! Who would want to move here?

  • magicmikexxsm

    Gonna be a lot less drivers on the Pa roads 10k plus…hahahahah.
    true story I used to have a job where I traveled the east coast a lot , one day I was in Va. and got a call from the home office to go to Cleveland to help out one of our guys, well I had an EZ pass which as good up and down the east coast, but since I had to go to Ohio, I traveled the back roads till I came out by Pitt, then up to 80W to the Ohio border. well being in business I had very little cash in my wallet cause I used my C Card for everything, I get to the toll both in Youngstown Ohio, and back in 2004 Ohio didn’t except EZ pass, I stopped at the toll booth and told the guy I had to go to Cleveland but didn’t have enough money to pay the toll at the other end…you know what he said? don’t worry about it just go ahead no problem….so about half way there I stopped at one of their service plaza’s found an ATM machine took out some dollars, and paid the toll at the end……..

    • Why you so mad Pennsylvania

      If that was in Pennsylvania they’d be calling the state police in a heart beat. People in Pennsylvania are miserable low lives

  • Bob

    People should pay their tolls. However, can you blame them for not wanting to pay when we had politicians that stole turnpike money. How about making them pay first. That’s the reason we pay high tools in the first place.

  • nasty drunk

    I just dispose of my old couches, tires, and used motor oil along the turnpike. I used to put glue on my coins at Pittston and Clarks Summit tolls. I get my money’s worth.

  • B

    Who makes these estimations? The tolls in this area “tally up to between $100,000 and nearly $500,000.” That’s a pathetic attempt at an estimation.

  • kiki

    I have an EZ pass, however on 2 occasions it did not register and I have 2 bills. I called and explained, but they still want the $$$, obviously I will pay but it wasn’t my fault it did not register.

  • about freaking time

    GO PA TURNPIKE! They should be allowed to impound vehicles or put a ‘boot’ on them until they pay up. So sick of people who think they’re entitled to soemething free when others have to pay. GO GET THEM!!

  • the mentality of the left these days

    “revoking registration seems a bit harsh” But theft of services is OK…

  • Liam G

    The turnpike commission CAN’T revoke your registration, and I see no enabling legislation recently passed.

  • Bob Smith

    It happened anywhere……. Over 10 years ago, In Dallas, Texas, I remembered a lady who didn’t pay her toll….. She was a toll cheater and she owed over $40,000….. What’s next? Her car was seized. Not a joke.

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