Residents Might be Able to Stay in Archbald Mobile Home Park

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SCRANTON -- Residents of a troubled mobile home park in Lackawanna County said Wednesday they now have hope that they will be able to stay in their homes. That looked doubtful last week when the park's water was shut off.

This time last week, it was looking like the 44 families who live at Valley View Estates in Archbald would have to leave because the park's manager hadn't been paying the water bill and was behind bars.

The manager's mother and brother met with residents and Lackawanna County officials Wednesday and told everyone they are working on turning things around.

Margaret Barrett and John Egan, a mother and son from Florida, sat in a crowded meeting room in Scranton and listened to how Lackawanna County officials stepped in to try to save the mobile home park the family owns.

Lackawanna County bailed out the owners last week, making a minimum payment to restore water to Valley View Estates.

Their son and brother, Eugene Egan, is the only manager the residents at Valley View ever knew of. He's locked up in the Berks County Jail.

"I think it's important for everybody to realize that John Egan and his mother really have not been running the park up to this point. They're here. I think they are being accountable certainly by repaying the county back the money," Archbald Borough Solicitor James J. O'Connor said during the meeting.

The owners did not want to speak with Newswatch 16 on camera but told everyone at the meeting they plan to start paying outstanding utility bills.

The park residents saw that as a sign of good faith. They have 30 days to make arrangements with the water company or the trailers could be condemned.

"We will do whatever it takes and support Ms. Barrett and her son because this is where we live. I don't know what else to say, and that's not just me, that's everybody that sits here. We all feel the same way. These are our homes, our families," said Valley View Estates resident Sharon Williams.

County officials said they do not plan to make any more payments for Valley View Estates, and that they only did so last week to avoid what they say could have been a human services crisis.

Residents said the county's intervention has helped.

"A lot of the questions that everybody had were answered today, finally, after how long of going through all this. It's not the first time without water, but hopefully now it will change now that he's (John Egan) back and Ms. Barrett's back," added resident Amanda Miller.

The owners of Valley View Estates said, aside from the water bill, they have several issues to iron out including six trailers that are currently without power and thousands of dollars in back taxes that are owed.


    • Bob Smith

      If you want your mobile home to move somewhere. It cost $1,000…… If double wide…. To take apart to move in 2 pieces $2,000. Plus moving company to empty everything out too.
      Nothing is cheap.

    • donald t

      Its a wonderful place to get drugs, not work and watch old firebirds rust, you just don’t understand good living.

  • Bob Smith

    The owner was jailed of drug issues. The tenant did pay rent and water charges. The owner neglects to pay the $3,000 water bill.

    • seen it all

      If you know trailer park mentality , You will find that lot rent is not paid with owner in jail , Your info is GUESSWORK ( as mine) but mine is based on humanity . So how many are in arrears prior and how many opted not to pay of 44 welfare families , The state needs to step in and get these people their drugs or they will have to rob Turkey Hill .

  • pot smoker

    I bet if those 44 families paid the rent , there wouldn’t be an issue here with water payments , People cutting their own throats by robbing the land lord , But whys the landlord in jail ?

    • Commonsense

      Ur an idiot, it wasnt because he didnt have the money, he was taking these peoples money and keeping and not paying the bill u fn idiot. Wow are u sure u dont live in a trailer park u r really stupid man.

      • moved on up from the hood

        i used to live there,At one point was a decent place when the owners father had control,the kid took rent and did nothing no maintenance and any up keep,most ppl got smart and left.nows its just the ones looking for free hand outs and drugs.

      • pot smoker

        Sorry but I find you really stupid and have NO COMMON SENSE , Math (member that) is @ $200? per x 44 = $8800 , now to lose a gold mine by not paying ?, It is too obvious the “park” people didn’t think paying rent as per jailed landlord is their welfare right . Hard to manage welfare class people — Funny part is A drug dealer has the county by the balls , Maybe if they guarantee not to seize the property ( drug profits) , this issue might not exist and they can get taxes from 44 trailers and not have to welfare house 44 families (which this park is doing) .

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