New Online Grocery Service in Lackawanna and Wyoming County

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DICKSON CITY -- You can now order your groceries online from two Walmarts in our area.

Walmart's online grocery pick up service is being added to two super centers, Dickson City and outside of Tunkhannock.

Customers can order their groceries online and then have them brought to their vehicle in the parking lot.

The free service started at the super center outside Lehighton in June.


  • wannabeinformed

    I would be worried about the quality of the food…. how would I know how long my chicken, milk etc stood around in the open, before they deliver it to my car?

  • Andy Mcfarlin

    Great now all the welfare recipients can sit in there car and grow obese on my dime and how are they going to verify the round one in the car what a joke. Guess ill go back to work now so they could suck at my paycheck!!!

    • xxlissyxx

      I am a welfare recipient and I am not getting obese off of your dime….I worked for most of my adult life and then became disabled….I am fighting for my ssd and not getting it and need access to survive an be able to eat…I think it is unfair that you make such assumptions not everyone on welfare is taking advantage….I would gladly work if I was able. But, my disabilities prevent me from doing so…People like you can be so ignorant.

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