Liquor Prices to Go Up in Pennsylvania

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SCRANTON -- State-owned liquor stores are hiking the prices of hundreds of items at the end of August.

Most items will cost a dollar more.

It's a result of last year's state law allowing the state liquor control board the authority to raise prices, something the agency hasn't done since the early 1990s.

"I really don't mind too much because it seems like it's a minimal amount and considering the status quo of the prices over the past couple of years. Plus they do run specials, so I don't think it will impact me negatively,” said Jim Foose of Scranton.

"There's nothing I can do about it. It's regulated. They do what they do and you've got to go along with it,” said Larry Smith of Scranton.

State officials say they decided on the price hikes after comparing product prices in other states.

Those officials say they believe the increases will still leave things competitive.

"I'm not too happy about it and we'll do what we have to do I guess. Just do it I guess," said Bernice Ferranti of Scranton.


  • E

    It’s not the state but the actual distributors and manufactures. The state’s taxes nor internal price hikes have nothing to do with it.

  • WarningFakeNews

    It’s fun describing what you are and aren’t allowed to do here in PA concerning beer, wine, and liquor to people in other states. Yeah, you can buy 2 six packs in a six pack store, but not a case, unless you purchase it, and then carry it out two six packs at a time, which is OK, but if you go to a beer warehouse, you can’t buy a six pack… and you can’t buy vodka from either one of them, you have to go to a state store for that and there are only a few of them in each area….people look at you like you’re crazy…

      • WarningFakeNews

        Wow! PA has come into the modern ages! How ’bout that bottle of vodka? Do you have to get that from a state run store still? Can I buy two cases in a 6 pack store and carry them out together? Hey, if I go to a 6 pack store that sells wine, can I buy some on Sunday night at 8pm? Just wondering….

  • Ron Uram

    I guess we’ll be in for a reduction in our gas prices since that’s how they determined that liquor prices should be raised by comparing product prices in other states. Just compare our gas prices with those in New Jersey!


    Been drinking Boone’s Farm wine since the 60’s. After my liver was removed, switched to Rubbing Alcohol and Wink. This doesn’t affect me in the least.

  • JB

    Why doesn’t the state start comparing gas prices in other states and get the price per gallon lowered!!!!!!!!

  • It's about time!

    Glad they finally raised up the price on liquor. They keep taxing cigarettes and don’t do anything when it comes to alcohol. Heck there are enough drunk driving accidents that kill people. Never heard of any accidents about people smoking and killing people. They don’t raise alcohol cuz most of the politicians are drunks themselves. They need to raise the price even more on my book. Sorry to all who don’t like that but it needs to be done.

    • Writer Girl

      Drunks are Drunks! They won’t stop drinking or stop drinking and driving due to a price increase.

  • Mixed Opinon

    This is meaningless to me because I don’t drink…
    but you can pretty much buy alcohol at any gas station. cheers for Drinking and driving…

  • GoingBroke

    I wonder what states they compared our prices to. From what I’ve seen, wine averages about $3 more per bottle here than in Colorado.

  • mickmars

    Gotta pay for those hardworking 283 state “legislators” and their respective bloated staffs somehow. This state is like the asspit of America

  • McCracken

    When state legislators refuse to curb spending, this is what you get; taxation on, figuratively, anything and everything. That’s all this is; another tax.

  • Donna Borer

    I’d like to know what states they used to compare prices. Every other state I’ve purchased wine….it’s been a few dollars less than in PA for same bottle of wine!

    • Bob Smith

      Mexico…… Long ago, a friend who wanted liquors for less…. 2 bottles per person. When crossing Border to US…. We get inspected. Later, Placed in the car trunk and went back for more UGH! If anyone buy too much liquor. You will be asked to pick 2 and the border patrol will open and pour the rest out. I don’t recall what cost there. In US always tax, tax and tax!!!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Sure why not the state has an effing monopoly on the booze business, which they should not be in at all…..I’d love to own what other states call a package store and sell booze, prices would come way down with competition… welcome to the socialist state of Pa….

  • Bob Calvey

    A dollar here a dollar there 3 bottles 3 dollars I used to smoke cigars when they raised taxes on tobacco I quit smoking them so I don’t need liquor and I won’t be giving it out for gifts anymore

    • Todd Peine

      Which states are they higher in? FYI most be are fleeing NY and NJ because of high taxes. So let’s follow suit and send them farther away. They is a reason for history and why are govt is taking it out of our schools

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