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Keeping the Animals Cool at the Fair 

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LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP -- It's county fair season in Pennsylvania, and with county fairs come livestock. But with the hot, humid weather, how do the animals stay cool?

When it comes to the Montour-DeLong Community Fair near Washingtonville, one of the biggest draws is the livestock. People enjoy watching the animals walk around the ring, trying to take home the top prize.

Keeping the animals happy and comfortable is the number one priority. That can be hard during these hot, humid and sticky days.

"Their wellbeing is number one. If we see anybody off we will get a veterinarian here and checking them out. If they are not doing well, they won't go to the ring," said Paul Rapp of Rockin R Farm.

Even though these animals are used to being outside, their handlers say they are out of their element at the fair, which makes them stressed. Melissa Whitenight of Orangeville says you must keep an eye on their breathing.

"If they get stressed, just like anyone, you'll notice a difference in the respirations. They don't really sweat, so we're always keeping an eye on them to make sure that they're comfortable," said Whitenight of Whitenight Family Farm.

These large animals are washed once a day, more if they appear overheated. And they all have fans blowing on them.

"We have a nice barn that offers a cross breeze. We have fans out, cool water that's always available, and they all have haircuts, ready for the shows," Whitenight added.

When it comes to keeping animals cool at events like this, a proper diet goes a long way. Paul Rapp of Paxinos is not only showing animals at the fair, he is a large animal nutritionist. He adds electrolytes to their water and decreases starch levels. That helps keep their internal body heat down.

"We will decrease starch as in corn and add in more products like barley," Rapp said.

The animals will be on display at the Montour-DeLong Community Fair through Saturday.