Construction Project Causing Snake Problem?

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FOREST CITY -- Folks in part of Susquehanna County appear to have unwelcome visitors, the kind that slither and are venomous.

It was a normal Monday for Nicole Farley and her family on Main Street in Forest City. Normal until an unwelcome guest showed its scaly face.

"The kids and me were hanging out in the yard. They were swimming. I went to get the lawnmower from the shed. I saw it come up from the rails and trails and crossing the road into the yard," said Farley.

She couldn't be sure what kind of snake it was that slithered into her backyard, so she snapped a photo and caught a rattlesnake on camera.

"I called the police department and asked who could remove the snake. It was nerve-racking, told the kids to get in the house," she said.

Forest City Police posted to Facebook to warn others in the borough that there could be more where the snake came from since officers believe the snakes' nests may have been disturbed by a construction project on the D&H Rail Trail that runs the length of town.

Needless to say, people are leery of what could be lurking around the turn.

"Ever since that rail for trail project is going on, I keep my eyes and ears open and looking down all the time," said mail carrier Lisa Litz.

The stretch of the rail trail in the Forest City area had not been used to all the heavy construction equipment day in and day out. Those snakes may have been used to bikers and hikers, but the construction project is supposed to last through fall.

Officials called in the PA Fish and Boat Commission to help determine if there's a significant problem and if so, what should be done.

For now, Farley is not taking any chances with her loved ones.

"Unless I'm there, I told them don't go out unless nanny or someone is with you because that's pretty scary," she said.



    A woman is deceived by a snake, then feeds it’s lies to a man. Jim bit the apple and has doomed humanity! Stay woke my friends!

  • heroin with a rattle

    All rattlesnakes need to be killed. They will kill you! They do not balance out the environment. We have fox, coyotes, etc. that will keep the rodent problem in check. Everytime I go camping, hiking, and fishing I can’t enjoy myself.

    • Reality's: Believe It or Not

      Cops do more then eat Donuts, give you speeding/parking tickets and shoot black people.
      They are there to help the community and provide service, or atleast get you in touch with another “responce service” like animal control.
      That’s why they have non-emergency numbers.

  • Problem Solved

    Chop off the snakes head, carefully dispose of the head (it can still bite after decapitation), skin it, removed its innards and cook it over a campfire. Dinner!

  • Bob Smith

    I’ve lived in Texas….. When a new construction project bulldoze their territory…. It will drive out deers, possums, raccoons, rats, coyotes, including snakes. When it’s hot and dried. Snakes would go looking for water, they would crawl around your property whether if there are mices or not. It will bite you by surprise.
    That is why, we do not want any pesky critters around including snakes.

    • B

      I lived in Texas. When a new construction project bulldozes their territory it will drive out deer, possum, raccoons, rats, coyotes, and snakes. When it’s hot and dry, snakes go looking for water. They crawl around your property whether there are mice out or not. They will bite you by surprise. That is why we do not want pesky critters around, including snakes.

  • Sasquatch

    Was a environmental impact study completed ? Did anyone bother to check the area for a denning site ?

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