Bridal Shop Owners Get Death Threats Over Same-Sex Policy

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BLOOMSBURG -- The sign outside W.W. Bridal on Market Street in Bloomsburg says open, but the door is locked.

The bridal shop is currently only accepting appointments and not walk-in customers. The owners have been getting death threats because of their policy of refusing customers shopping for same-sex weddings.

"I don't agree with them at all. Whatever makes people happy makes people happy," Matthew Singley said.

W.W. Bridal caught heat in 2014 when the owners would not sell wedding dresses to a same-sex couple. Then early last month, a couple from West Pittston was turned away.

"They have the right to say no. If the people come there and don't like it they can go someplace else," Delmer Zeisloft said.

Now the Bloomsburg Police Department is involved. The owners of W.W. Bridal are getting death threats by email, phone, and social media. Police are tracking the threats. No matter how people feel about the situation, everyone we spoke with agrees the threats are wrong.

"That's going a little too far. I think it's very disturbing to know that people would lower themselves to that level," Zeisloft said.

"No, that's not right either, but denying somebody happiness is wrong," Singley said.

Newswatch 16 stopped by W.W. Bridal, but no one wanted to comment. The business has the legal right to deny service to same-sex couples.

43 municipalities in Pennsylvania have an ordinance on discrimination based on sexual orientation. Bloomsburg is not one of them. But some people here think that needs to change.

"If it's an old couple, a young couple, a same-sex couple, they shouldn't deny anybody no matter what," Heather Long said.

Bloomsburg Town Council discussed making an anti-discrimination ordinance in 2014 but never passed one. Council did not respond to our request for comment as to whether the town will revisit the issue.


  • Help me!

    Neanderthal thinking at it’s best here. People too stupid to even consider that DNA has any part is sexual makeup even after seeing all other kinds of things that DNA does do a human being. No, a book (the old testament) that doesn’t even pertain to them is used to pass judgement when it is God who passes judgement! Jesus Christ says, Judge not, lest ye be judges.” Love people for who they are. I would hate to be before God and have to atone for actions and statement I had no business alluding to.

    • BluEmu

      There are 2 genders. Male and female. Whatever a person’s preferences are have nothing to do with gender. Stop making this into some kind of platform to declare that individuals who maintain their own views and opinions are somehow WRONG. What this boils down to is forcing individuals and business to accept whatever the next person is whining about as a true threat to humanity. This isn’t a threat, Snowflake. This is someone using an event as a tool to promote their own agenda.

      The current outcry is, “Accept me for what I am, or YOU are a privileged bigot!” Really? Does this apply to that fellow, Snide, who indulged his interests in extremely violent child porn that included sexual torture? He was just being who/what he is, so the reasoning goes to follow that we should all accept his actions as something that he is ENTITLED TO.

      The Special Snowflakes are suffering from an overblown sense of entitlement, self-importance, and narcissism. They all need to just get over it, grow a thicker skin, and start focusing on more ACTUAL threats to humanity like…….gang violence, domestic violence, GMO’s, tainted water, health care reform, and other actual threats to our lives, rather than delicate “feelings” being hurt. >:-[

      • Love Always Wins

        Ahhhh BlueMu…Where do I begin?
        For starters, no one said anything about gender. The story is referencing a same sex relationship. Its not about a couple that’s questioning their gender identity. That is a completely different issue, but I guess that if you were open-minded or had any type of exposure to culture outside of whatever one-horse, PA town you’re living in, you would know that already.

        Next, no one said the business owners could not have their own opinion. They can think and feel however they would like, but that does not mean that they should be permitted to discriminate against other human beings, who are also American citizens and deserve the right to be treated equally. No one is asking the shop owners to change their beliefs or accept a customer’s lifestyle choices.

        The last I checked….you don’t go into a grocery store to buy a tomato and get denied based on your sexual preference. BUT wait…what if I’m a woman and was going to use that tomato to make dinner for my girlfriend? Should I be turned away by the locally-owned grocery store? Am I going to expect the Store Manager to come up to me and shake my hand say he accepts me and my lifestyle choices? The answer to both of the questions is NO. I’m buying a tomato. Whoever these people were (male, female, extraterrestrial for all it should matter), they were trying to buy a dress, and that’s it.

        Focus on actual threats to humanity? I believe the Declaration of Independence states that we all have the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Anyone telling me where I can and cannot shop is infringing on those rights and my right to be treated fairly and equally. I’d say that is a pretty big threat. And comparing same sex couples to those that enjoy “violent child porn that includes sexual torture” ….that is so absurd and so ridiculous that it does not even deserve acknowledgement. It’s disgusting really. God bless anyone with any type of racial, sexual, religious or ethnic difference that has ever come in contact with you. I pray for them. And for you.

      • Help me!

        I’m sorry I didn’t specify that my comment was meant in general terms. People who quote the bible and say it’s wrong or believe it is 100% choice needs to realize that such things have been around as long as the species began (for spiritual people) when God attached out souls to these temporary bodies. DNA plays the function in a person’s makeup. Just as someone who may have Down Syndrome, or Scoliosis, Autism, etc., it can also screw with a person’s view of themselves in sexual ways. It’s entirely possible someone could willingly espouse to the same sex but I’ve seen this from childhood up in people and almost from day one you knew they were gay because of how they acted all through childhood.

        As to the question being raised here, in a free society, any shop owner has a right to not serve whomever they wish. If this shop doesn’t want to serve gay women, fine! there’s plenty of other shops around who will sell to them.
        As I read the reply and seen the thumbs down I realized that I didn’t make myself clear enough by addressing the main topic of the thread. I simply state that anyone who doesn’t understand gays aren’t willing to educate themselves and thus are like neanderthals, that in time they will eventually be phased out as enlightenment comes on such causes via DNA research.

      • El Ma

        Lovealwayswins, it’s a matter of being funneled into one mass. Any business should be able to exercise discretion in their customer base. This whole event is just a platform to promote a social agenda, not a legal one.

        Your premise is that people who pay taxes should all think alike – we all use the same roads, we all use the same water supply, and so forth. Human beings do not all think alike. This is why there is a constant struggle with one nation against another, one social group against another, and one religion against another. Nobody wants to be “wrong,” and everyone wants to be “right.” The people who are screaming the loudest about this are at either end of this whole spectrum, and there is no balance in the mind-set.

        So, my solution as it applies to me, is to maintain my own system of beliefs, go on about my life, and dismiss the wingnuts on either end. The people that are screaming “PRIVILEGE” and the people that are screaming “HELL WAITS FOR YOU” are two extremes that I have no use for.

    • Just go somewhere else already

      If they have lived the rest of their lives as they have made their business decisions, when the owners of WW are standing before God – they will hear “Well done, good and faithful servants.” Love the sinner, hate the sin.

      • BluEmu

        Just Go Somewhere Else Already, it’s NOT ABOUT RELIGION. Why is everyone making this about religion?!?!

        This is about peeling our Rights away, one Special Snowflake at a time! There is no hatred, here. There is no sin, here. There is just this one question that we each need to answer for ourselves: Who really cares?

      • Just go somewhere else already

        This is about standing up for what one believes in, and I’ll agree – it’s not about ‘religion’. It’s about living a life that doesn’t contridict with ones beliefs. The owners of this shop (I’ll assume) don’t want to promote or condone the gay lifestyle, and they have that right. And this is about sin whether you believe it or not.

    • That's awful!

      Yes but God also says in the old testament that a man shall not lie with another man as with a woman and he also states about marriage being between one man and one woman only. Not man and man , woman and woman. It’s not judging , it’s going by what He says. And yes we are too love one another but it doesn’t mean you have to agree with the lifestyle or support any of it. He also states in Leviticus that a man shall not put on that which pertains to a woman, neither shall a woman put on a man’s clothes.

      • El Ma

        Are you serious? My comment was flagged because I mentioned a specific cultural Law that exists in certain countries? Yeah…………amazing moderation skills, here. (face palm)

        What I wrote that was flagged was that the founders of this nation had the foresight to take proactive steps to separate church from state. Otherwise, there would be a theocracy and that is a dreadful situation where anyone’s interpretation of any passage or doctrine can set the tone for punishment, legislation, economic practices, civil matters, education, and social expressions.


  • Tobie Hannah

    Good old Pennsyltucky, showing its out-of-touch POV once again.

    It’s the 21st century. Accept it, and accept that not everything is Ozzie and Harriet anymore.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      No we don’t. You need to accept our heritage (or ignorance if you prefer that) of calling it as we see it. A guy is a guy, a girl is a girl. A guy is built for a girl, vice versa.

      No matter how much you egg shell skulls don’t like it.

      • Catcha

        No one NEEDS to just accept what YOU think and YOUR heritage is, you blind-privileged bigot. If you don’t NEED to accept them, why should they accept you even one little bit? When you start down this path of exclusion, you’re making a way for hate and war– and for having your OWN precious feelings and beliefs excluded and made illegal.

        If you think who was here first is what rules the day, then give your land up to the Natives. Just go back to wherever you came from. If it’s not about who is first, then just admit you’re a giant close minded bigot who wants to close the world because you’re scared someone with another view might touch you (but you’re flattering yourself if you think they’d want to).

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        And folks, what we have here from CATCHA is a prime example of how the lefties like to resort to calling of names to anyone who is separate from their views.

        I’m a home grown Pennsylvanian country boy who knows right from wrong, good from bad and stick by it. But I gues my natural upbringing handed down through generations of people who were just doing the best they could is no longer relevant. Also, resorting to my upbringing and using it as a defense for my state of character makes me a bigot, racist, sexist, deplorable. Simply because I disagree with the snowflakes.

        See how that works? Isn’t it neat how that works?

        So me NOT CONFORMING to the will of the non-conformists makes be the bad guy.

        It’s no wonder the lefties are so nuts and so angry. Imagine trying to defend a position like that constantly? Defending nonsense has to wear a person out after a while.

    • Just go somewhere else already

      I love people that think that way – not. ‘It’s the 21st century’. So what? Does the passing of time make what is wrong – right? So in 20 years is what Sandusky did to those kids going to be acceptable? How about in 50 years – will killing people be OK? Just because you’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s OK doesn’t make it so. First it’s the gays, now it’s the gender thing, next will be the age barrier. After that, probably marrying and having relations with a dog or horse will be acceptable. Good luck with your brave new world.

  • Robert

    So, a bunch of you snowflakes are melting because one business does not wish to serve a same sex couple, would you dare be as vocal if they wanted to have their ceremony in a Mosque and told NO. I think NOT!

    • Catcha

      Of course they wouldn’t be as vocal if they wanted to have their ceremony in a mosque. A mosque is a part of a religious entity that the commenter is not a part of. In fact, religions THEMSELVES are given exemptions that businesses and corporations are not. Therefore, religions get tax breaks, businesses do not. Religions seem to be able to discriminate (Catholics don’t let women be priests, yet they still enjoy tax free land in America!), but businesses come under scrutiny when they don’t promote women because of their gender.

      Perhaps if this businessperson starts a religion which includes selling of wedding dresses somehow, they could get away with the bias. Until then, religious belief is not enough to make an excuse for bigotry.

      • BluEmu

        Catcha, we are a “free” country where people can express themselves in any way that they see fit as long as that expression doesn’t endanger the lives of other people. The reference to a mosque is simply this: in OTHER countries, to openly declare that one is anything other than heterosexual can result in brutal, violent, public execution.

        The point here is that people in this country maintain a Right to believe what they will, even if I don’t agree with that belief of uphold/support it. Forcing people to all believe the same thing, to all accept the same things, and to pass legislation endangering the Rights of any individual because someone’s feelings get hurt is setting this nation up for a rapid collapse.

        Have we learned nothing from ancient History? Observe the decline of every great ancient empire and what preceded those collapses. Our Rights are being eroded away, one snowflake at a time. We may not LIKE the decisions of other people or business, but it’s “allowed” in this country.

      • That's awful!

        I’m not a Catholic, I’m a born again, spirit filled Christian and the curch I went to we had a female pastor. I know of another church that has a female pastor. It’s all about the different beliefs in the different churches. The church I go to is an assembly of God. It’s penticostal and if a woman wants to be a pator she is. There is nothing in the Bible that says a woman can’t be a pastor. If that is what God calls you to then that’s what you are period. And no I’m not religious, I have a relationship with GOD. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

  • AAORD11

    It never ceases to amaze me those who preach tolerance and acceptance are so intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. This is a private business and can serve whomever they chose. They were not telling this couple they couldn’t shop in their store, but that they would not specifically contribute to their gay marriage. It is no different that bakers and florists. If they won’t provide your wedding, go somewhere else and leave these people alone who support traditional marriage. Christians were attacked daily that last 8 years under Obama and it is just nice to have a president again who is standing up for us. Also, up until about 5 years ago, the majority of Americans did not support gay marriage.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      The majority of Americans STILL dont support it, they tolerate it. No matter how many rainbows float around the tv screens.

      • AAORD11

        I agree. I think most people are afraid to say this stand for traditional marriage, because of how the LGBT reacts to those people. This situation with W.W. Bridal is a prime example of that. You also can’t live your life in fear though and have to stand up for what you believe is right.

      • Blinded by the light

        Unfortunately even speaking out against it can be career suicide. Many large workplaces have bowed down to this nonsense due to fear of reprisals, and are quite clear that thou shalt not speak out against the queers, or thou shalt receive more diversity training until you concede or quit.

    • Catcha

      Tolerance and acceptance is largely about wage equality, equal opportunity, and…. TAXES. If you’re a church, you get to not pay taxes, and you’re allowed to discriminate based on “beliefs.” Therefore, the Catholics get away with not promoting women because of gender, but businesses get sued for it. Catholic churches get their land tax free, but they don’t get government and therefore the voters’ subsidies through taxes. Only the people who actually follow the church and tithe pay for their particular dogma and rules. It’s a longstanding tradition of freedom in America not to force others to pay for your particular beliefs. If you’re going to base your criteria for who gets to shop at your store on gender, then go register as a religion. Because that is what you are, you are not a business anymore when you push your beliefs on others.

      • BluEmu

        Catcha, you thank your lucky stars that we DO have separation of Church and State in this country. Ever talk to someone from Saudi Arabia? WOMEN are not “allowed” to drive in that country. They are not allowed to be in the same room with any man other than their spouse. There are other nations that are even more brutal in their treatment of “different” individuals. Afghanistan and Turkey are two spots on this planet that I would never, ever, EVER want to find myself.

        What has happened in the quest for economic equality is that everyone now is shouting slogans that have no meaning – go to any liberal arts college and observe the rhetoric with an objective eye. These individuals harass other people by screaming at them, blocking their paths, hurling insults, and resorting to violence (Bike Lock Man) in their efforts to FORCE their AlphabetAgendas down the throats of anyone who isn’t in their throngs screaming the same slogans. Trigglypuff? Know about this creature? Bike Lock Man? THESE people are demanding that I be arrested if I don’t accept their outrageous demands.

        What are their demands? Nobody knows. They don’t want to be called, “fat,” or, “queer,” or “pathetic,” or any other description that doesn’t embrace their activities and fantasies. They want me to “check (my) pronouns” and feel shame for my “white privilege.” To all of this I respond with, “Get over yourselves. You aren’t as special as you think you are, and there is a greater and immediate threat that is REAL that needs attention. So, melt away, Special Snowflake.”

        I will NOT check my “pronouns,” “privilege,” or anything else. I will NOT be forced to alter MY life to adhere to someone else’s demands. That, my friend, is the birth of how Nazi Germany waltzed into Paris without firing a single shot.

      • BluEmu

        And, I have absolutely NO party affiliations – I am my own person and I do not allow other entities (or, people) to do my thinking for me, thank you.

      • thought police

        you are a complete idiot CATCHA. I am assuming that you have assistance to turn on your device, login, and formulate a posting

    • Just go somewhere else already

      Your nut sack (if you have one – have you declared your gender, by the way, or are you still undecided?) will roast in the fires of hell if you don’t change your ways.

  • Open Your Eyes

    I’d love to see the reactions if they were people who banned Poles or Catholics or generally white people. There wouldn’t be a pitchfork or torch left at Home Depot.

    • BluEmu

      Open Your Eyes, there wouldn’t be a single sigh or comment if someone were not served because they were Polish, Catholic, Jewish, or Norwegian.

      To label people, in the first place, is the stamp of exclusion. Why should I even care if someone is LGBTLMNOP? What difference should it make in my life if someone believes themselves to be trans-gender-trans-ethnic-trans-age-translucent? I don’t claim a label because I don’t need someone to validate me. I can do that, on my own, and I don’t need to be “special” to feel valued and accepted.

      • WWJD

        I’m not I sure I follow your comment. I agree that labels are ridiculous. When a same sex couple walks into a store and refuses to be served (or if a black couple or a black/white couple or white couple) is refused service based merely on their status, this is counter to the governing principle of this country that all are created equally. The alternative is bigotry and given the principles laid out in the Constitution , bigotry is not only immoral but unpatriotic.

      • BluEmu

        WWJD, what I was eluding to was that the Alphabet Agenda is determining what and how legislation is going to be written, and to whom it will be applied. When a small group of people use labels to force an agenda upon others, it’s violating every Constitutional Right that we have. “Equal” doesn’t mean that everyone is ENTITLED to expect that their agenda be embraced, celebrated, and mainstreamed.

        If you (or, anyone else) goes to Thailand, you (and, everyone else) will notice a glaring difference between that country and ours. They do not have handicapped accessibility requirements. They do not have Alphabet Agenda requirements. They don’t cater to any special-interest group, whatsoever, and they are top nation on this planet that bases its economy on the sex-trade industry.

        So……the point is that what is happening, today, is termed to be a First World Agenda. None of the people who scream, protest, and demand acceptance for their gender preferences have any clear understanding or practical experience with Real World issues.

      • WWJD

        Sorry BLUEMU but I must disagree (but I appreciate your reasoned response). When a business (private or public) operates in the public square in the US, using the public infrastructure (police, fire, roads etc etc), paid for by all taxpayers, they are subject to non-discrimination laws. Period.

      • That's awful!

        WWJD any business has the right to refuse service to anyone, period. That’s just the way it is. If I was in the same position as this bridal shop ,I myself would do the same thing cuz we all stand before God someday and you are judged for everything you’ve said or done in you whole life and contributing to gay marriage is a no no in the sight of God. Plain and simple. We are all responsible for our own actions and that’s certainly one action I MYSELF WILL NOT be a part of.

  • Paul

    Since when is a PRIVATE business required to provide a service to anyone ??? THEY own the business, not the government. There use to be signs up everywhere that stated ” WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE”….
    If the people dont like the requirements of the business go somewhere else…. problem solved…

    • Catcha

      I’m pretty sure you have no clue as to the legal or constitutional meaning of “Private” versus “Public.” “Private” doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want to do. If the shop is “open to the public” then it is bound by legal rules including laws regarding discrimination, even if it is “privately owned.” You think you’re making a clever defense, but you don’t realize how little it applies. Read up, you might find out some really interesting stuff!

      • WWJD

        Well said. It is worth also pointing out that “private” businesses, use the public infrastructure of police, fire, roads etc etc etc paid for by all.

    • Bob Smith

      That argument over bridal shop is NOT worth it! What alternative do young lady have? Go down to Philadelphia where they have many wedding dresses businesses there and be happy.

  • my hole is bigger than yours

    I can’t blame these owners. It’s too much of a hassel to cut holes in the bottoms of the tuxedos. Either it’s cut too big or too small. If it’s cut too big then you insult the receiving newlywed. If you cut the hole too small then the other newlywed will get a chapped shaft. It’s a no win situation.

  • lester

    ahh good ol’ America is at it again. Personally I would have taken the sale. I know a few of that LGB group and they spend more that anyone else I know. So basically 2 chick/guys holding hands usually means no rotten kids to spend the money on, so they spend on themselfs, and thats great for the economy.

  • Ryan Carson

    So denying somebody happiness is wrong huh! I guess then making drugs illegal is wrong, making murder illegal is wrong, or making stealing illegal is wrong. Come one not everyone in the world can be happy. Also if it is based on religion then that should override discrimination. I am a Christian and if I was in that business I would do the same. I hope they stand up for their rights and keep on the path they are on. God bless.

  • Mad Dog

    Gotta love those Jesus Freaks! Follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who accepted everyone by hating everyone!

    • sc

      jesus does love every individual……but he taught of the love of God and the godly laws of nature.
      You dont understand so you fear and revolt.
      its not about hate….it is all about sticking to values and beliefs and laws of nature.
      Im a man whom loves many men……as my brothers….not my lovers.

      • Mad Dog

        Maybe people should start boycotting people like you. Go walk around, with your cross, preaching that nonsense in Yemen or Syria and see what happens. Religious people are the most judgmental and closed-minded people I’ve ever known. You completely pervert history to fit to your own feelings and beliefs. The Bible is as accurate as Mother Goose. It was written and edited to control primitive people, and still controls people today, like yourselves. I have no regrets in saying yourself and people like yourself lack intelligence and continually hold the progress of society back.

      • Feed Me More

        mad props to mad dog, he knows whats going on, end all religions and we end most of the problems in the world

    • sc

      your such a angry mad dog…..poor thing. rabies or dementia?
      im actually no more religious than you are.
      more on key with Dalai Lama but Jesus was a real and historic figure of peace and love.
      btw: ISLAM PROHIBITS HOMOSEXUALITY. fight with them over it and they will cut your head off, not just disagree.

    • sc

      btw….thats right…..assimilate the world….conform and NO INDIVIDUALITY.
      what a lovely boring shit life that would be.

    • sc

      all hail mad dog……( sign of V8) like in mad max….lol.
      you are the king of coexistance, peace, love, harmony and intelligence!!!
      FeedMeMore can be your queer…i mean queen.

    • Robert

      Yea, them bible thumpers can be annoying and sometimes pretty darn irritate. However, there may be a bigger issue at hand don’t you think? Or, don’t you think? To think or not to think that is the question. My preference is to think about the constitution of this country and those nasty articles and the implications. It breaks down to unalienable rights endowed by our creator. The problem in world without a creator (whatever the definition) is then our rights must come from man and therefore not unalienable and therefore very revocable. Perhaps this will not affect you, or those of this era but are the children not worth thought? Just wondering.

    • BluEmu

      Mad Dog, it has nothing to do with religion. What it has to do with is policing personal opinions and views.

      When there is legislation that prohibits another person from maintaining their own beliefs, views, and opinions, it is the definition of “totalitarianism.” Historically, this would define the socio/political environment of Nazi Germany in 1939. Today, it applies to many, many nations like North Korea, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Iraq, and Iran. Do you really want the government or any other entity to punish you for having an opinion?

      What if there were a sudden agenda to declare that all white onions were racist and that only red onions should be allowed to be cultivated?! Settle down, and consider this using some insight: the focus is on things that really don’t matter, one iota.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Death threats? Well that’s not equality!
    That sounds like militant mafia style LGBTQRSTUVWXZY stuff right there!!

    If you want equality, you
    must accepts these owners views as well.

    Go buy your strawberry shortcake rainbow tuxes elsewhere.

    I no longer spend my money for my morning coffee at a well-known drive-through coffee shop, because of their hiring practices. They are more interested in being PC than having their employees skilled enough to get the coffee right with the cream and sugar. And that’s my right. They want to have people prancing around like circus freaks behind the counter, that’s fine. I don’t want to see it, so I go elsewhere.

  • sc

    ( Uber leftist, free love, coexist hippie types ) since you are so superior socially, ethically, emotionally and much more civilized in compair to ( Hill Billy, Red neck, HeeHaw watchin, banjo pickin, God praising, conservatives )……..Remind yourselves to not speak or act as a Bigot. Be trust worthy, loyal, helpful, curteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
    Be enlightened and never act in anger or violence.
    find and glow in your samadhi.
    If you forget how,…i know some hillbilly christians that can teach you these skills.

  • Hahaha

    The best part about this is the people that are so up in arms about it aren’t people who are in need of a wedding dress. everybody relax! if everyone cared this much about the heroin epidemic we’d fix a REAL problem.

  • MMMM

    What about Amish/Mennonite stores that don’t hire the “English”? Maybe it is against the Bridal store owners religion when it comes to same sex marriage! Don’t be so SENSITIVE! GO somewhere else and shop! Have we become a nation of pansies!? Get over yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Becoming? We ARE a nation of pansies. There are only a few of us normal people left to board the mothership.

      • Feed Me More

        the mother ship left in the 50’s lloyd, to bad you were left behind and now we need to listen to you

  • Axel Rosenberg

    Good for the owners, and more power to them.
    It’s about time the majority stands up and except uses THEIR rights.
    Too many small groups are pushing causes/agendas/lifestyle choices, etc. on to the masses.
    Enough is enough …

  • No hate

    I can’t imagine being so bitter. I,as someone who is not in a same sex relationship, will NEVER utilize a bridal shop that treats people this way. I hope they know this turns away everyone. No one should ever feel like they can’t walk into a store in America. If your beliefs get in the way of running a business then maybe you aren’t fit to run one.

    • Robert

      So the owner of a Chinese restaurant walks into the local dog shelter and says I’ll take them all. Your cool with that?

    • That's awful!

      Or maybe the LGBTQ are just used to getting their own way and are throwing a hissy fit like a 2 yr old would. This couple are just mad cuz the bridal shop stood up to them and said no. LGBTQ can exercise their beliefs bit no one else is allow? BS I will shout to the rooftops that JESUS is my LORD and Saviour! If you don’t like it, too bad so sad!!! I know here I’m going when I die, do you?

  • FracingA

    Right On W.W.! Never give in to these Snow Flakes, they can go elsewhere. Gays people just Suck sometimes henna haha. Never fold your values for money or a sale. Only good thing about gay folks is that they cannot breed. Gays can co-exist in society no problemo but Stop pushing your damn agenda on others & causing all this Drama.

  • El Ma

    I could not care less about anyone’s gender orientation. It’s none of my business.

    However, when legislation is created to cater to ANY specific group, it’s an effort to force ideals and perceptions upon people and taking away THEIR personal preferences. Particularly when a business chooses whom they will do business with, and whom they won’t, it’s almost like enacting Thought Police.

    Does anyone really care? Seriously. If people can’t get over themselves and go to another shop, then they might need to stop worrying about gender, and start concerning themselves with an overblown sense of self-importance.

    • look in the mirror

      Well Trump has demonstrated the sanctity of’ “man/women” marriage) –he’s had at least three of them. It is none of your business whom people choose to love and marry. None whatsoever.

      • Great idea

        So you’re OK if Sandusky wants to marry one of the boys he molested? How about the 50 year old uncle that wants to marry his 13 year old niece?

    • lester

      Marriage is also a huge waste and/or expenditure. Why not spend it on debt and bills? maybe upkeep on property? Something real and beneficial? Its a great way to be proactive in life, or you can toss it away with all the fees and taxes it brings

  • Glorious

    Denying someone happiness Singley? Are you psychotic or something? They can just go to the next shop or on line and buy whatever makes them happy. Think before you speak you whinny, liberal freak.

  • Granny

    They know they are not welcome, why don’t they just shop somewhere else! Oh they like to make trouble for people with different views! Unbelieveable!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      That’s right. They are looking for more attention than they are due. That’s what 99% of this lgbtq-rstuvwxyz shyt is anyway, a cry for attention.

      I know gay people who were gay WAAAAAYYYYY BEFORE it was trendy to be gay and they actually don’t like all this crap.

      Think about that!

  • Ralph Ford

    This is part of our problems today. If a business does not want to do business with another party they have every right to not do business with them. I.e. We reserve the right to refuse service. And the customer is NOT always right. If someone is offended by someone else’s business then don’t do business with them. Some common sense is truly lacking with our society. Equal rights apply across the board. Again we reserve the right to deny service to anyone. The state/government does it all the time!!

    • Ralph Ford

      And just for reference, it does not bother me whom ever wants to marry who. Same sex or not. That is not my issue, if I were those people wanting to get wedding outfits I definitely would not do business with them.

    • SMAC

      You’re right, Ralph. I bet you would have fit in perfectly with a Southern shop owner in the 50’s….

    • Conroy

      there’s a word for not doing business or accociating with people because they’re different than you, it’s called segregation. But I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person on here that doesn’t want modern day segregation. Huck Huck Huck get Dem homos and crybaby liberals away from my kids it ain’t gods will Huck Huck Huck, NASCAR! Cheap beer! Jesus! Steelers! Penn State! Monster trucks! Country music! Baseball caps! Bombing 3rd world countries! who could forget the most important thing of all to Republicans. Ignorance!

      • BluEmu

        Conroy, that argument is moot because it is glaringly obvious that the smallest minority of Special Snowflakes is demanding that the mainstream accepts them ABOVE all others. Writing legislation and forcing people to fit into the same pigeon hole is what we call: North Korea.

      • El Ma

        Hmmmm…….Conroy, it appears that you are the clever individual displaying prejudice and bigotry. With exclamation points, no less.

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