Youth Football Team’s Concession Stand Burglarized

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DURYEA -- The Duryea Wildcats are ready to go. The youth football and cheerleaders have been practicing for a few weeks.

The first game is coming up soon, but in the midst of all the excitement comes a discovery that someone broke into and stole from the organization’s concession stand.

It happened sometime over the weekend.

The back window was kicked in, the register opened, and a lock box was stolen. That and other stolen items were found in the nearby woods.

"It's for the kids. That's all it's for and I can't believe somebody would do something like this to the children. It's disgusting,” said Ken Salvo, president of the organization.

The Wildcats depend on money from this stand to keep going, to pay for equipment and more.

There are about 100 kids in the organization who say being part of it means the world to them.

"I love it. It's pretty good. I like I play for the D team all the way to C team. This is my last year for C,” said Dominick Salvo, a player in the middle of practice.

Parents are upset by the break-in, too.

"We're talking about a nonprofit organization. They do wonders for these kids. My son's been with them. This is his third year, and he has special needs, and they take great care of all these kids. They treat them like they're their own. So whoever it is should be ashamed of themselves,” said Jessica Chromey-Bullock of Pittston.

Ken Salvo said the organization will have to buy security cameras.

"You see it all over the place, other organizations, Little Leagues and stuff like that. It's just not right. Everybody works so hard. We're nonprofit,” he said.


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