Taste Test: Jolly Rancher Pop-Tarts

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If you love pastries and candy, then this week's Taste Test might be for you.

Kellogg's released some limited-edition Pop-Tarts this summer, and they're flavored with the fruitiness of Jolly Ranchers.

So what happens when you combine that sweet and fruity candy with a Pop-Tart? We went to the Schuylkill County Fair to find out.


  • Sue Abbott

    I enjoy your station’s broadcasts, but it seems as if all your “taste tests” are for pre-packaged junk! I find it disheartening that your station, with such a large broadcast area, and the weight of being a serious news outlet, would “promote” such crap. When people view these segments, they will take your recommendations as serious news. Couldn’t you find more wholesome, nutritionally beneficial foods to “test”? They can be treats, meals, whatever, but please stop promoting the pre-packaged, nutritionally bankrupt, chemical laden crap that are all too often substituted for REAL food. Thank you!

    • Typical WNEP

      Today of Taste Test we have fresh strawberries…. shocking they taste like strawberries.
      Taste Test for new odd interesting things that people might see and be curious about… take you hippy dribble elsewhere

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