Searching for Kindness Rocks in the Poconos

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MONROE COUNTY -- Hidden beneath a memorial in front of Courthouse Square in Stroudsburg or propped up on an art display on the campus of East Stroudsburg University, these colorful rocks are creating quite the buzz here in the Poconos.

It's all part of an initiative to bring communities together.

"Just find some rocks. Wash them up. Paint them. We put a seal on top because if it's raining, it doesn't lose the paint. Then you just go and hide them," said Jennifer Geyer of Mountainhome.

The colorful rocks are part of a nationwide kindness project. People in the Poconos started their own group called, "Pocono Kindness Rocks."

Each rock has a message on the back. Once a rock is found, the finder has to hide it again.

"Oh, I think it's absolutely fantastic. The community is getting so involved in it and it is just such a positive message that people need to be more kind of each other," said Michele Hooey, owner of Maryann's Dairy Bar.

Once a rock is found and then hidden again, people who are playing along post about it on the Pocono Kindness Rocks Facebook page. Not only do they post a picture of themselves with a rock, they also leave a clue on where they hid it next.

More than 50 rocks were hidden at Middle Smithfield Park near Marshalls Creek. They were put in place by students from Ressica Elementary School.

Kirsten Shaffer, 9, hopes her colorful Pokémon rock will brighten someone's day.

"It's nice. Well that someone will find it and it will make that person happy," said Shaffer.

If you want to join the "Pocono Kindness Rocks" project, click here for information.


  • David Mack

    I heard two people started fighting over a kindness rock after they both spotted it at the same time. Push came to shove and an altercation happened.Turns out one person picked up the rock and hit the other guy in the head with it.So much for kindness.Rather ironic don’t you think?

  • scum ruins it for everyone

    Great idea until someone plants a used hypodermic there, or you stumble upon a shake and bake.

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