New College Campus in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Lackawanna College officially opened its doors in Sunbury on Tuesday. The college is accepting applications and students can get a look inside the new campus.

An open house at Lackawanna College's new Sunbury campus runs all day Tuesday. The open house is a way for potential students to get a peek inside Sunbury's brand new college.

Community members in Sunbury have been trying to get a college for the past several years. Sunbury Mayor Dave Persing says this is a dream come true.

"Talk to admissions. Talk to financial aid. Find out how to pay for school. Find out about the programs we are offering and what classes they can take," said Sunbury Campus Director Philip Campbell.

Quite a few potential students stopped by to check things out.

"Going for criminal justice, hoping to be a cop just like my uncle," said Scott Sinwich.

"I just came here to check on a human services degree, an associates degree. That's what I'm interested in. I'm going to go back to school and further my educations," said Ashley Shomper.

Shomper has been waiting for an opportunity like Lackawanna College. The closest schools to Sunbury are Bucknell and Susquehanna Universities.

"I live in Sunbury. I work part-time in Sunbury, so the fact that they have this associate's degree is awesome. It's right in town for me."

The Sunbury campus has five classrooms, a computer lab, and a student lounge. It offers four majors: liberal studies, criminal justice, human services, and business administration. This center offers two-year associates degrees.

"Starting this fall, if you finish your associate's degree, you can roll into a bachelor's degree at our main campus in Scranton," Campbell explained.

Classes start at the Sunbury Campus of Lackawanna College on August 28.

They are currently in open enrollment and accepting applications. The campus is located in the Sunbury Plaza on North 4th Street.

The open house runs Tuesday until 8 p.m.