Neighbors in La Plume Worried about Arson

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LA PLUME TOWNSHIP -- State police are investigating a fire in Lackawanna County they say was set on purpose. Neighbors say the arson hits too close to home and the college campus nearby.

Neighbors in La Plume Township near Keystone College say the vacant house near campus had been a problem property for years but now, the problem they're concerned about is the arsonist who set the place on fire.

Neighbors say the old house on College Road near the Keystone College campus was long forgotten until Monday.

Flames in the middle of the afternoon destroyed the place. State police say it was arson.

It's something neighbor Robert Jarbola says he always feared for the place.

"'Maybe about 80 to 100 years old, getting pretty dilapidated, windows were smashed, people broke into it," Jarbola said.

Jarbola says the house used to belong to a family that ran an oil business next door, also now abandoned. He fears whoever set this fire could start another one.

"Yeah, it does (worry us) a little bit because we don't like this around this area here. This is a really nice campus. I like it here. Everybody likes it. There's kids here. There's a day care center there."

No one was hurt in the fire and state police fire marshals are now investigating. They have not said if there are any suspects or if they know what could have motivated the arsonist.

"You leave something go long enough, somebody's going to go, 'Hey, nobody cares,'" Jarbola added.


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