Communities Celebrate National Night Out

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MONTROSE -- Tuesday night was National Night Out--a chance for many communities around our area and around the nation to reach out in an effort to promote better relations between residents and the police who serve them.

In Susquehanna County, the borough of Montrose held its first night out celebration.

The event featured fun and games for the kids, food, and a lot of community-building.

"I'm new to Montrose, so I think anything that involves all the community is perfect for the kids and the parents, and the police officers are here to ask questions and get involved," said Josefina Lavia.

Pennsylvania State Police joined Montrose police officers as well as members of the Susquehanna County Sheriffs Office at the National Night Out in Montrose.

And hundreds gathered at Scranton High School for the city's National Night Out event organized by the Scranton Police Department.

There were several law enforcement displays on hand as well as some not so serious attractions for the youngsters.

The Scranton police chief says National Night Out events are a way for the police and the community to build a stronger partnership in combating crime in their neighborhoods.


  • V

    I bet either one of those female officers would eff you up if it came down to it. Just saying anyone can talk snack over the internet

      • Why am I not shocked...

        My mom was a Probation Officer… shorter, light in weight, but all of her male clients would be “Yes Mam” and not try to pull anything because they knew she would drop them, and they didn’t want that embarrassment.
        The male POs, they gave all sots of back talk and shit to, playing the big bad tough guy route but they would shut right up and stop as soon as she walked in.

        As long as they are good at their job, I’d trust them to have my back any day. If the person is a mad man, even a big guy isn’t easily tacking them. Tasers exist for a reason.

  • Andy Panda

    Those female cops were about the size of that boy. I hope they don’t ever get in a fight for their life, I wage they would lose.

    • Officer Dufus

      It’s all part of the fiction our society has created that men and women are interchangeable in every field. In nearly all cases where a full size male prisoner is being guarded by a female officer a full size male officer must accompany her.

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