Wet Weather Wilts Winners

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LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP -- It was a beautiful evening for the start of the 79th annual Montour-DeLong Community Fair near Washingtonville. But the impact of last week's storms and floods is still being felt.

Suann Leighow is looking for winners among the veggies she brought to the fair. This summer, the pickings are slim for the gardener from Numidia.

"I managed to squeeze out a few tomatoes that didn't get all wilted from the rain," she said.

Last week's storms hit Danville and the surrounding area especially hard, causing flash flooding to wash some crops away.

"It was like an inch an hour and that was all runoff, through the fields. It was bad," said Leighow.

The wet weather also leads to problems such as mildew and bugs.

"I have been scraping bugs off of plants and killing them in soapy water like a crazy person," said Amanda Gessner of Kelly Township.

There is some good news, however. This is a good season for beans, which apparently do well in stormy weather.

The shelves at the fairgrounds usually fill up quickly, but volunteers say this year the entries are fewer.

"A lot of people are saying because of the rain, it's just not showing up like I thought it would. Some people are saying, 'Our garden is terrible,'" said volunteer Ken Mertz.

While gardening is a hobby for most of the competitors at the fair, they do count on the food to feed their families.

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