Two Runners Recovering After Being Hit by Vehicle

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SCRANTON -- Two women were with a group of runners on the trail in Scranton when a driver hit them at a crosswalk Saturday morning.

There are still markings on the street where that car hit both women on Broadway Street.

They were taken to the hospital and police are investigating while fellow runners stress the importance of careful driving around crosswalks.

Broadway Street was shut down Saturday while emergency crews tended to two women badly hurt when a vehicle hit them at the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail crossing.

Both women were with a group called the Barrier Breakers who run together to get in shape, and over the weekend were dealt a blow.

"Shock, total shock, people were so shook up, nervous and scared," said R.J. Stiltenpole.

Stiltenpole is with the Scranton Running Company and leads the Barrier Breakers. He was there when the women were hit while doing something so many runners do every day at similar crossings.

"I was about 15 seconds behind when I heard people yelling and screaming. I just ran and caught up and saw what happened," he said.

Police are still investigating the crash that injured two women. Investigators said the driver was looking down at the time and looked up too late. Runners hope it's a cautionary tale to drivers to make sure they're cautious at every single cross walk.

"It doesn't get anymore clear than this. There's yield signs. We're in the cross walk, pretty reckless," added Stiltenpole.

Folks who use the trail and cross the street know full well the importance of being extra careful in case traffic fails to stop.

"You have to make sure you stop, the cars either way don't stop sometimes. Sometimes one side will and the other won't," said Joe Saita of Scranton.

As for the victims, fellow runners are pulling for them.

"It's a long, long road to recovery for both them. But I know this much, the Barrier Breaker family is rallying behind them. Will do everything we can to make sure they get back 100 percent," said Stiltenpole.

One of the women is still in the hospital. The other woman hurt her back and is recovering at home.

There is still no word if the driver will face charges.


  • Joe

    Was not there, but I will say that if people were running fast, then they darted across the road suddenly, it is not good. It is hard to believe that runners could not see a car coming, which makes me wonder here. Did they purposely cross in front of the car to try to force him to stop? When I cross a street, I make sure there are no cars and I actually yield to the car, which is the wise thing to do. A kid flew out of an alley once on a bike fast and I almost hit him. Responsibility goes both ways here.

  • T

    This was a very unfortunate incident!! It was never a question of “IF” something like this will happen but “WHEN” it will happen. If the crosswalk on Broadway isn’t bad enough, the crosswalk on Elm Street is just as bad if not worse. For all the drivers who do stop and allow pedestrians to cross there are just as many if not more who blow through those crosswalks at an excessive rate of speed. Traffic signals at both crosswalks may be the only resolution to keep everyone in the community safe.

    • Joe

      How many walkers dart out in front of the cars to try to force them to stop? Nobody is flying through crosswalks at high rates of speed ignoring walkers. The comment you made is just silly. People could also try crossing at intersections, which are safer.

  • Get Real

    “Investigators said the driver was looking down at the time and looked up too late.” Can you say CELLPHONE?!!!

    • Mark

      Just curious, the driver was “looking down” just before the accident. Where wer the runners looking? Did they even see a car, or stop to make sure the road was safe to cross?

      • harriett

        no I bet they didn’t. there is stop signs at that intersection for the crosswalk. if you watch the video you will see the pedestrians are supposed to stop first then proceed. being that they were hit. I bet they didn’t more times then not I notice that ppl on the trail just expect traffic to stop. I understand the yield to peds. but they need to watch as well. they all just think its ok for them to walk out into traffic. and this isn’t just the trail it’s on the streets as well.

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