Pottsville Citizens React to Changes to White House Administration

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POTTSVILLE -- Pottsville citizens are reacting to the changes made to the White House administration. In just one day,  two major changes were made to the White House Staff.

Anthony Scaramucci resigned from his position as White House Communications Director, just as retired Marine Corps General John Kelly was sworn in as Chief of Staff.

All of these new faces and changes are getting mixed reactions from people in Pottsville.

While there are constant headlines and reporting about the White House and all the changes and controversies, some of the people Newswatch 16 spoke to admitted they're not paying very close attention. Instead, they say they are more focused on other aspects of his presidency.

"One thing I can say I think is good since Trump got in the office, I found out there are a lot of veterans now that are getting helped," Kevin Kauffman of Pottsville said.

Linda Diamond of Pottsville is a President Trump supporter. She said it is not his decision making that has brought on so much change to the White House.

"I think that if there is chaos in the White House it's because there is opposition setting it there," Diamond said. "I don't think it's his doing."

Others, like Nicky Barket, disagree. They're hoping for change that will bring more peace to the White House.

"What I think of him, he needs to speak love to the people first," Barket said. "Maybe there will be acceptance."


  • der Kommissar

    …instead of worrying about what goes on in DC you should be REAL concerned about whats going on in Harrisburg…..more corruption there than DC…….I suggest all you snowflakes better stay indoors the rest of the summer so you won’t melt or get offended…….and I approve of this message……..

  • Can't Hide The Truth

    You all just jump on the anti-trump train to seem cool to your lib friends, or do you really hate America that much?
    I don’t like Trump as a person, nor some of his policy, but I support him and want him to succeed, because I want America to succeed.

  • Ron McD 224

    If there is anything stupider than a regular Trump supporter, it is a Trump supporter from Pottsville. You bottom-of-the-barrel basement dwellers are the reason we have this corrupt moron in the first place. He said he was going to give you jobs, build the wall, lock up Hillary, end Obamacare, blah blah blah. Instead we got a corrupt, paranoid, incompetent idiot who has spent most of his time golfing or paying his family. Good job, morons!

    • Robert

      Look how this snowflake is melting, LOL. Can’t take the heat or do anything for himself. Oh, sorry if your a not a he but a she identifying as a Male Ron.

  • Why is this news?

    Seriously, who cares what anyone from Pottsville, McAdoo, Girardville, Mahoney City, or Shendo (462DF) thinks about what’s going on in Washington?

  • El Ma

    (snort) Um……….”reacting to the changes” means………what?

    Regardless of whom is in office, reacting to White House changes is a personal thing rather than a news item. LOL!!!!!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    What kind of fill in the gaps news story is this?

    Who cares what Pottsville residents or any residents of any little town think about ripples in DC? Who cares!

    • Gwilikers

      They love trump in that dump. But little do they know he wants to cut the government jobs, welfare payments and Medical subsidies. All that fund this place. These people think coal is coming back. Trump is laughing at them. Like he even cares about that place. He played skook and other blighted rundown rural American areas a fool.

  • Dave

    The Key to the whole argument is they said that they are “not paying attention to it “. I would go out on a limb and ask if they even knew how the change the republicans wanted to health care would affect them? One that Trump would have voted for. I would go out even further and bet that most that were interviewed go a discount or free medical under Obama care and would not want to see change. You have to wonder have they not been paying attention to the countless lies from Day 1…The Golf he put down Obama for that he does every weekend and that cost us taxpayers extra.. His wife living in NYC that costs extra..Maybe they should start to Pay Attention and educate themselves on what matters in their lives or stay out of the voting booth if they haven’t a clue.

  • Dennis Umphrey

    All you need to remember is promises made , promises broken, just like the Taj Mahal would be the top ten wonder in the world, in Trump’s mind it was before it went bankrupt, you can be the greatest con man in the world, but that don’t make you the businessman Trump thinks he is!

    • Kat

      You’re blaming the wrong person for promises being broken. It’s the spineless Republicans that are standing in his way! Time to vote them the h out of office!

      • Givemeabreak

        They don’t have to do whatever he says. He is not King. They have to do what they think is in the best interests of their constituents.

      • Kat

        The Democrats are going to vote”no” , no matter what, and the Republicans keep stalling. It’s their job to put a Bill on the President’s desk. They’ve failed to do their job. How is that President Trump’s fault, you idiot.

  • huggy

    Hahahaha This has to be a joke! Like any of those Pottsville pencilnecks have any kind of cognitive thinking ability. They’re usually too busy pleasing themselves to the thought of Pottsville being an actual city

    • Robert

      But they get to vote. So where do you have to be from to have cognitive thinking ability? Just asking.

      • Huggy

        You from Pottsville Bobert? Maybe it’s the Yuengling hops in the air that has you fellas so smooth in the brain

  • Professorgetaclue

    Clinton or Trump would it even matter for Schuylkill County and the coal region! Coal has expired in 1987, Manufacturing isnt coming back and what does will be automated. This place is a dumping ground for jails, raw sewage, ugly windmills and distributions centers. The only jobs in Schuylkill county that people making a real living with longevity are government jobs which are school and prison related jobs, which keeps this place afloat. He also wants to cut medical subsidy’s in rural areas. That will kill various medical and nursing jobs. . But Schuylkill county loves him. Does this place make any sense? I am either party but I know economics. Schuylkill county apparently people do not! This place isn’t a wall street offshoot or a micro silicon valley or a National vacation destination! Get a clue!

    • Robert

      I think the general attitude of the natural born residents of Schuylkill county is to stick it to the man. Period.
      Call it a colloquial mentality, as traditional skooks have always made due. Started when the Irish decided to put the screws to the coal barons. The good news is, if you don’t like it here, its not hard to move away and I say good luck. See ya!
      Go Don!! Put the screws to them Politically correct overthinking yuks from over yonder! We get it you don’t.

    • Gopher Grace

      If they need an opinion from the stuff in the keester crowd they’ll find you later on I believe

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