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Burglary Spree in Greenfield Township

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GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Police in part of Lackawanna County are looking for whoever broke into several businesses in the past couple of weeks. The burglars made off with money and much more, leaving some worried when it will stop.

One of those owners says he found one of the burglars in his home over his business one week ago.

The owner was injured in a scuffle and the suspect got away and now folks in Greenfield Township want to put a stop to the crime spree.

John Chindemi is out thousands of dollars of motorcycle parts that were in a crate he stored in the back of Jonal's Lawn and Garden along Route 247 near Carbondale.

Chindemi had it all shipped from Hawaii and even had a mini-motorcycle that was swiped when burglars hit Jonal's a couple weeks back.

"I get them home here, thinking in a better place, now they're gone. That hurts. It hurts," Chindemi said.

Culprits broke into Jonal's and took money and silver coins and a sense of security that's been enjoyed in this area until recently.

Four burglaries are being investigated, one at the Lake Mart Convenience Store, one at Greenfield Power Equipment, and another at a business within a short drive on Route 247.

"Greenfield was always known as so safe, its own little corner, just seems it's not so safe anymore," said Colby White.

Like a lot of other rural communities, Greenfield Township doesn't have round-the-clock police coverage, so township officials are asking people to be vigilant hoping to catch those burglars.

"It's not good. It's not good. We're just not used to that in Greenfield Township," said township supervisor Bruce Evans.

Evans believes police may be close to catching whoever is behind the burglary spree, but victims are worried what might happen if they aren't caught soon.

"What's going to happen?" asked Chindemi. "Someone already got hurt. Someone else is going to get hurt before something's done about it."

Township officials ask anyone in the area sees something suspicious to call 911.


  • meh

    Gun up folks.. Maybe catch these bottom feeders in the act and save the taxpayers the cost of a trial… Remember… “I was in fear for my life and my families”.

    • E

      Ha ha ha Yes please do that, it will be the same situation as in Wilkes-barre when that mouthy stupid coal miner was executed on his front porch by gang members to send a message to the neighborhood. He was talking trash just like the typical local yokle, “arm yourself”, “let’s take our community back”. Bachman was his name. WAS. It’s funny and sad you don’t see that NY/NJ street gangs already own your community and entire region, you’re just too stupid to realize that fact. Lol

      • Bored Greenfield Gang Member

        Greenfield is not Wilkes Barre. It’s rural, and no gang would be interested in living there. Not enough hos to show.
        Keep your shotguns handy.

      • E

        How many families do I have? What does that mean? Oh I see. No you’re confused, I’m not like you or the trash you call friends and family. I’m not from your slum, meaning I’m not a deadbeat dad who abandons my family and then a few years later starts another to try and make up for abandoning the first one. Every piece of sh*t deadbeat dad I met in your area has two families, the first one he ran out on and the second one to try and make up for it. Ha ha ha!

  • Greenfield Corruption

    Maybe if Mr. Evans didn’t waste taxpayers money we could afford police protection. The real crook is Bruce Evans.

  • Lance

    At least he isn’t a pervert. He is just lucky that thw owner didn’t have a gun a blow his pea sized brain away

  • whatever831

    It’s ridiculous, but honestly, I don’t believe any place is safe anymore. This is the world we live in now. It’s good versus bad, and bad seems to be winning, just not sure what prize their after.

    • E

      Ha ha ha! It’s perfectly safe here where I live ha ha! But I don’t live anywhere near Northeastern coal miner trash Pa. “The World” as you put it is doing just fine, the world OUTSIDE of NEPA that is. Your area is a decaying slum because the people who live there are trash and deserve a horrible life due to their white trash behavior. The answer is simple, but you probably think everyone is like you unfortunately. Lol.

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