PA Secretary of Health Criticizes President’s Ban of Transgenders in the Military

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WILKES-BARRE -- President Trump this week announced plans to ban transgender people from the military, and that has our state's top doctor speaking out.

Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania's acting secretary of health was in Wilkes-Barre this week speaking of the benefits of naloxone, the drug that helps undo the effects of an overdose.

Levine is also a transgendered woman and called the president's ban harmful to thousands of people who are willing to serve.

"For the president of the United States to make a rash, and what seems like an impulsive decision to turn our country's back to those individuals is unconscionable," Dr. Levine said.

Dr. Levine is the first transgendered person to serve in a cabinet level position in state history.


  • it's a man, man

    Rachel, Ray – doesn’t matter. you think it would have spent money to get rid of that turkey neck. Gobble-gobble! I see we’re following Belgium’s model for appointing qualified people to positions. Check out their minister of health.

  • Fighter of Foo

    Levine is also a transgendered woman,……….
    There you have it people I looked at her in the pic, and said that’s one ugly woman, and low and behold it’s a trans freak.
    Trump did the right thing, nobody wants to serve with tran freaks…and why is this freak the head of Pa’s secretary of health…she probably only sees tran freaks……

  • Johnny

    Wow! Sorry trannies but the military does not welcome you, you have mental problems that our military does not need. 2 genders – male and female. That’s it.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Not only is Trump playing the media like a drum, but he is forcing the libs to commit political suicide defending indefensible positions before a wiser electorate. No wonder they hate the guy, he’s getting them to beat themselves silly and laughing about it.

  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    Those firefighters should’ve walked out.

    Seems like a contrived WNEP story though!!

    Seems like the reporter asked a side bar question and presented in a way that made the whole program look like it was about tranny stuff.

    Tisk tisk!!!


      Further demonstration of the absolute lack of leadership from the Child-in-Chief. I don’t care what you think about the issue, it is utterly irresponsible to announce policy via Twitter. 99% of the command had no input or saw this coming. That just shows a complete lack of respect for the Command and by extension the Armed Forces in general. It’s always about what’s best for Trump — he couldn’t care a rat’s patootie about anyone or anything else — including the welfare and safe-keeping of this country — unless it makes him money. Wake up Congress before we have a real crisis on our hands — Impeach now.

    • 99%

      99% of the command… So exactly where did you get that statistic? The PIDOOMA method? That’s why he’s called the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, numb nuts, he’s a freaking leader. What’s best for him? Tell me – what does he have to personally gain by keeping mentally ill people out of the military? How does that make him mpney? You were OK with Odumbo and his Executive Orders, weren’t you – including lighting up the White House with rainbow colors. Go away and throw your temper tantrums somewhere else. Play time is over and the adults are in charge now.

  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    I can’t imagine what it’s like being a conservative raised kid in the public school system these days. Imagine the nonsense these goofs are force feeding these IMPRESSIONABLE kids!!

  • Mike

    So doctor you support someone with a mental illness to have a gun? And money that can be spent on the defense of the nation being spent on a sex change? If so you should resign. You are a Lunatic.

  • Ward Cleaver

    Most of this country has been systematically brainwashed over time into believing that a transgender secretary of health promoting a transgender agenda is normal and to be celebrated. What a disgrace.

    • WWJD

      I guess you never listened to the lessons the real Ward Cleaver taught. He always taught the Beav to treat others as they would like to be treated and judge them by their actions and concern for others — not some aspect of who they are they has no bearing whatsoever on you.

  • Tjkat

    Please stop shoving your gender down our throats. Don’t care what your gender is, don’t care if you are straight or gay.

    • Reason

      Think about it. No one is shoving anything anywhere except Trump and the bigots. These people are serving in peace with honor and all of sudden they are singled out. Imagine if Trump said the Polish or Catholics are banned…

      • Johnkimball

        Serving in peace? Serving in the military is all about operational readiness, being ready to go into battle at a moments notice, and not bringing your personal baggage with you. Somebody grappling with their personal identy or in the middle of a sex change just doesn’t fit that criteria. I’m sorry.

      • No reason

        WTH is wrong with you? You’re comparing someone of Polish descent or someone that follows the Catholic faith to a mentally ill person that doesn’t even know what gender they are? Good God. Satan is smiling because he has duped so many people to believe that gender uncertainty is real. Bring on the civil war, I’m well armed and ready to fight to bring our country back from the brink of collapse, and I’ve got LOTS of good company. Time to start purging.

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